Corsca team

Meet the Team

Although the price of our products is relatively high, the quality is outstanding. Overseas procurement is tired of this kind of low-quality product. Because we optimize the process better, making us take into account the rate simultaneously, the production cost is lower, so we set up brand Corsca.

Who is Corsca?

As the company who offers the one stop service for customers for several years, Corsca is becoming a leading global provider of digital products and smart devices. We are committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world, such as True Wireless Earphones, Smart Eyewear, Bluetooth Audio, Smart Watch, Wireless Charger etc. We operate in a lot of countries and regions, serving people all over the world.    

Corsca’s Culture

  • Mission Leave no one behind the digital world.
  • Vision To become a healthier and sustainable enterprise
  • Values Just for customers – that’s our belief. Our hardcore customers lead every step of the way.

Product advantages

Bluetooth wireless glasses

1. Smart audio glasses is a new trend at the moment, and our products are selling well in North American and Asian markets and have received good feedback from the market.
2. All products have independent patent certificates, and all products of the professional production line are 100% fully inspected.
3. Manufacturer with Wholesale business, the products are of high quality and cost-effective.
4. Corsca Smart Audio Glasses are designed for everyday use and look as light as regular glasses. With Corsca Smart Audio Glasses, you can control your glasses in any way you want. Listening to music, answering phone calls, voice assistants, our glasses are multi-dexterous, so you can control them with touch panels on both sides.

Vendor advantages

Smart audio glasses vendor

1. Employ the latest research technology.
2. 3000 safety report by BV.
3. Cut off your 25% purchase budget.
4. Deliveryed in 7-14 working days.
5. CE,ROHS,FCC certificate.
6. Support all kinds of OEM and ODM orders.
7. Support program customization, and increase partners worldwide.
8. Meet the needs of different customers around the world, customize different high-end solutions.
9. The professional R&D team will give you the best quality products, the professional sales team will give you the most professional reply, and the professional after-sales team will give you the most satisfactory service.

Production Workshop

Leave No One Behind The Digital World.