Anker releases Soundcore’s first audio glasses


Anker just released its first Anker Smart audio glasses Soundcore Frames. The main body of Soundcore Frames is detachable, allowing you to match up to ten styles. There are two speakers on both sides of the glasses, the main speaker is 25mm, the secondary speaker is 8mm, and the integrated microphone can be used to answer calls or listen to music. In addition, the glasses are anti-blue light and have IPX4 water resistance. The battery life is 5.5h. According to 9to5Toy,

Anker has also developed a magnetic charger for this purpose. In an emergency, the charger can be used to charge the glasses for 10 minutes to provide 1.5h battery life. Soundcore Frames are priced at US$199.99, and the detachable and replaceable main body is priced at US$49.99. From November 1st to November 10th, you can place an order on Soundcore’s official website or Amazon, and you can also buy it offline at Best Buy during this period.

Anker Bluetooth sunglasses

Anker joined the trend of dual functions of glasses as a music listening device. Anker’s Soundcore brand released the frame that can be replaced with any of 10 different designs, but the thick side temples always maintain the same polished black style.

The temples basically act as true wireless earbuds, and each earbud has two speakers. This is the strategy we have seen from other companies such as Razer. In Anker’s case, it is simple to switch the vigilance to a different frame, and polarization, blue light filtering and prescription lens options will also be provided. Anker will let people try on the frames virtually through its Soundcore smartphone app for Android and iOS.

Anker smart glasses

There are two speakers on each temple. In most cases, outdoors, most people will not notice that your glasses are playing music, but if you turn up the volume inside, there will definitely be some remaining leakage To someone nearby.

The battery life is expected to be up to 5.5 hours of continuous playback, and the Soundcore Frames have an IPX4 waterproof rating. Similar to the controls seen by Bose and other brands, they use simple click and slide controls on the temples.


In recent years, smart audio products have received more and more attention from the market and capital. In recent years, with the advancement of hardware technology and software technology, smart audio glasses have become the new flagship products of major electronic brands. In 2021, Ray-Ban, Amazon, Xiaomi, Anker has launched audio glasses this product. However, the current smart audio glasses are only the beginning of smart glasses. With the continuous development of technology, future smart glasses products will be equipped with more functions and gradually become more complete.

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