Application of touch technology in TWS earphones

Application of touch technology in TWS earphones

Today, we have deeply understood that TWS true wireless stereo technology is the future development direction of headphones. The emergence of TWS technology makes the use of earphones more convenient. It gets rid of the shackles of the earphone cable, without entanglement and trouble. This also makes the traditional wire control begin to quietly change, and the touch technology is becoming more and more popular.

Compared with the technical barriers currently faced by TWS in terms of data transmission, a small button function does not seem to be worth mentioning, but when you think about it, it is closely related to the user’s experience and it cannot be underestimated!

The touch problem of TWS headsets has been plagued us for a long time. Although the touch type has a series of advantages such as simple structure, fewer accessories, low mold cost, fewer assembly stations, easy to make the appearance waterproof, and gives people a sense of technology. , But at the same time it also makes people love and hate because of sensitivity and mistouching the contradiction.

Therefore, we invited two engineers from the engineering department of our company to share with us [Application of Touch Technology in TWS Headphones] to help us resolve our doubts and take you into the world of touch technology in TWS headphones. Come with us~

Touch principle

Capacitive touch technology based on RC oscillation.
Principle: Use a resistor to charge a capacitor with a constant current and measure the frequency pulse for a certain period of time.
When a finger touches the panel, the capacity of the capacitor increases, and the frequency decreases.
By detecting the change of the frequency before and after the touch panel is touched, the action of detecting the hand touch is realized.

  1. Resistive touch
  2. Capacitive touch
  3. Infrared touch

Touch application field

  • Home appliances
  • Security
  • Smart wear
  • Creative Electronics

Touch application

Advantages of applying touch technology to TWS headsets

Easy to waterproof
Stylish and beautiful
long lasting
Simple structure
Sense of technology
Few accessories

The functions that can be achieved by applying touch technology to TWS headsets:

Wear detection: bring the ear to play, take off to pause, make TWS headset more intelligent
Gesture Recognition
A variety of gesture recognition such as single-click, multi-tap, long-press, and swipe make it easier to implement human-computer interaction functions such as pause/play, pairing, answering/hanging calls, and volume adjustment.
The realization of the human-computer interaction function is very helpful to improve the user experience.

Choice of touch solution:

  1. TWS headset is small in size and space is limited
    Requires small chip package and low power consumption
  2. Interference from sweat, temperature and humidity, hair, etc.
    The chip is required to have strong anti-interference ability
  3. The problem of false triggering during use
    Requires excellent and stable software algorithms and gesture recognition

Application circuit diagram of dual-channel touch:

Dual channel, as the name implies, has two touch input channels, which also correspond to two touch outputs.
The dual-channel touch can simultaneously perform in-ear wear detection and gesture recognition functions.
Features: small package, 6DFN, low power consumption, 7uA, strong anti-interference ability, programmable, smart wearing detection

Application circuit diagram of four-channel touch

Features: multi-point wearing detection, gesture recognition, online sensitivity calibration.

How does the touch control communicate with the Bluetooth master?
Can cooperate with Bluetooth master to do various forms of communication
Such as: high and low level, pulse, level inversion, IIC, etc.

Summary of Features

Small package, low power consumption
Strong anti-interference ability
Programmable, flexible application
Self-calibration function, multiple prevention mechanisms
Support online calibration and OTA upgrade

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