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Company news Introduce Corsca, our products, our production lines and production processes. Let’s you know who is Corsca, what we do and why choose Corsca.

CORSCA’s drop-shaped TWS earbuds TW70 leak in four colors

TW70 drop-shaped CORSCA has been in the truly wireless (TWS) earbuds segment for a few years now. The wireless earphones was also one of Corsca’s better-received products in this segment, winning over as a product that can be easily recommended to most consumers and improving upon its predecessor in just the right ways. That makes […]


Bluetooth speakers from Corsca With the Hot summer time around the corner, you’re probably looking for a pair of durable and portable outdoor Bluetooth speakers. (And if you’re out protesting, you might enjoy a little music to march too.) Yes, we are still in a pandemic. Yes, it’s ill-advised to throw crowded parties. But if […]

CORSCA Smart sunglasses Eyewear BT303 Listening to song sound quality test

Corsca new launches smart sunglasses x headphones (hands-free Bluetooth) 2-in-1 product Eyewear BT303. Black technology products combining fashion and technology, using big brand BOLON sunglasses, dual speaker design, high-definition stereo with a sense of space layering, intelligent voice noise reduction, clear calls, UVA/UVB ultraviolet protection, magnetic charging is cooler. IPX7 waterproof can effectively prevent the […]


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