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Facebook’s first smart glasses

Facebook smart glasses

Facebook’s first smart glasses Ray-Ban Stories released, equipped with dual cameras, supporting photo/video functions Recently, Facebook launched its first smart glasses product jointly created by Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses are equipped with dual 500W pixel cameras, use touch operation, built-in speakers and microphones, and support taking photos and videos. , Listening to music, voice […]

The new “blue ocean” in the consumer electronics market in the next 10 years

Smart watch

Market analysis in the field of smart wear The rapid development of the Internet has led to the rapid development of many related industries. Among them, technology and electronic consumer products are developing most rapidly because they are closer to the lives of ordinary people. Terminal products such as mobile phones and computers have now […]

Smart wearable is the next outlet,connecting the present and the future

smart wearable

What is the future of technology digital products? Smart sneakers that can be worn under your feet, smart watches that can be worn on your wrists, smart glasses that can be worn on the bridge of your nose to show you another world, and TWS headphones that hang on your ears to give you a […]

Rapoo Z1 Style smart audio glasses

sunglasses with speakers

Smart audio glasses disassembly report The popularity of TWS true wireless headsets has enabled rapid application of Bluetooth audio. In addition to many new applications in traditional fields such as mobile phones, earphones, and speakers, it also combines with other products to innovate and develop smart voice homes and smart voice wearables. Among the new […]

The next 20 years of wireless audio


Where does wireless audio go in the next 20 years? Comprehensive interpretation of Bluetooth 5.2 and LE Audio. TWS (True Wireless Stereo) true wireless Bluetooth headset is the most concerned and popular product in the consumer electronics market in recent years. Its emergence solves the shackles of wired headsets, which are ready-to-use, compact and portable. […]

The status quo of smart glasses products half of the present, half of the future.

smart glasses

With the rapid development of smart audio, mobile phones, TWS headsets, smart watches, wearable devices, smart speakers, smart screens, smart glasses, smart homes and other products are gradually integrating smart audio technology to provide smart interconnection and more convenient control methods. The popularity of TWS headsets has earned a lot of hot spots for smart […]

What are audio glasses?

audio glasses

In this era when intelligence takes over our lives, there are more and more smart products such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and unmanned cars. In recent years, the concept of Bluetooth audio glasses has also become popular. What are Bluetooth audio glasses? This modern people’s question has given glasses, a long-standing optical technology product, […]

A touch calibration method and TWS headset with touch function and process

A touch calibration method and TWS headset with touch function and process

Background technique: TWS headsets, also known as true wireless headsets, refer to wireless communication connections between two headsets and between the headset and the mobile device. TWS headsets are the mainstream development trend of future headsets. At present, giants including Huami, Harman, and Apple have joined the development and design of TWS headsets. With the […]

Application of TI Hall sensor in TWS headset

How to do the switch detection of TWS headset design? TWS needs to detect the opening and closing of the charging compartment cover and whether the headset is in place. In this detection function, the Hall device is favored by more and more customers because of its sensitive response, small size, and low power consumption. […]


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