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What Are True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Headphones?


True Wireless ( or TWS) headphones are the latest in amazing audio technology. True Wireless earbuds have moved to the forefront of audio technology. When you wear them, you have the complete freedom to move: there are no wires to connect your earbuds to your phone, or even to each other. All this sounds amazing. […]

(ANC)From TWS earphones to coffee machines

Interpret the “password” behind the application of active noise reduction (ANC) technology “breaking the circle” Since Apple launched AirPods in 2016, the emerging market of split true wireless (TWS) headsets has been gradually resolved with the ultimate convenience brought to consumers, as well as the pain points of transmission, battery life, and price, which has […]

How to make cost-effective TWS headphones for overseas markets? Corsca M20

Corsca M20 true wireless stereo earphone This TWS headset adopts the Airoda AB1532 flagship chip. The circuit inside the headset is very streamlined. The internal circuit protection of the charging box is in place. The headset and charging box use large-capacity batteries to ensure battery life. It is a cost-effective product. Alibaba and Amazon have […]



This coherent research report presented by BIS Reports is an amalgamation of all relevant data pertaining to historic and current market specific information that systematically decide the future growth prospects of the TWS Bluetooth Earphones Battery market. The report is so designed to enlighten its readers with updated and versatile understanding about various market influences […]

TWS+AI? Guoxin releases ultra-low-power voice chip, which may be the most ideal solution at present

Smart Wear, Set Sail from the “Core” On July 21, Hangzhou Guoxin held an online press conference with the theme of “Smart Wear, Set Sail from the “Core”, and launched the ultra-low-power AI chip GX8002, which uses MCU + self-developed NPU architecture to achieve real-time on a single chip Voice wake-up function, the power consumption […]

Market Report: Global Consumer Use Status of Smart Speaker Products

2019 is a golden year for the audio market, with unprecedented evolution in the field of headphones and speakers. During this year, global consumers’ expectations and purchasing power for audio products have continued to rise. It is foreseeable that audio, as a smart wearable device, will win a greater voice in the market in the […]

Report On The Bluetooth Market 2020

The latest industry report on the Bluetooth market in 2020 is released, and the Bluetooth audio market will show a huge growth trend in the future. On April 15, 2020, Beijing time, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) held an online press conference. Mr. Xia Bin (Chuck Sabin), Senior Strategic Planning Director of SIG, commented […]

Chinese speed! BLUETRUM BT889X series active noise reduction chip achieves mass production

BLUETRUM BLUETRUM BT889X series active noise reduction chip has achieved mass production, and many brand manufacturers are in mass production and program introduction. Among them, the cost-effective feed-forward (FF) program BT8892E is all ready. In April of this year, BLUETRUM solemnly launched the “BLUETRUM Dragon” G1 series, which integrates a high-performance SOC with active noise […]

Take you to know: how TWS true wireless headphones are made

Wireless headphones First, walk into a basic laboratory in our R&D Mainly to meet the needs of some tests played by our customers during the early product development process. There are mainly high-level tester, secondary image tester, Bluetooth aging tester, ESD test and audio comprehensive test and RF comprehensive test. The RF comprehensive test has […]

CES 2020: The latest Bluetooth standard LE Audio is released

Corsca Bluetooth earphoes

The audio industry will usher in major changes in the next 20 years CES 2020 On January 7th, Beijing time, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) released a new generation of Bluetooth audio technology standard-low-power audio LE Audio at CES2020 in Las Vegas, which can not only improve Bluetooth The audio performance can also provide […]


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