Corsca Smart Eyewear aren’t that smart

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But at least it starts at only $60.

As we are the source manufacturer of smart glasses, so we can provide customers with the best quality products as well as the most competitive prices. If you are looking for reliable supplier, i am confident that Corsca is one that may suit you.

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Corsca’s newly launched CR series of smart glasses this year. These glasses are called Smart Eyewear (called $60). They are lighter and more economical, making them a smart glasses that people can use every day. But one of the reasons why Corsca did not launch Smart Eyewear is to make people more comfortable with smart glasses. We believe that the level of comfort and simplicity is the catalyst that makes people really start to switch to connecting frames.

Perhaps the biggest feature of Smart Eyewear is that it doesn’t look like a pair of smart glasses at all. The model I tried has a standard black rectangle made of cellulose acetate, and there is no obvious sign that it has any abnormalities.

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More details about smart eyewear

The whole set of glasses includes packing box, manual, charging cable.

The weight of the entire glasses is only 26 grams, which makes you mistakenly think that this is just an ordinary pair of glasses. You don’t have to be unwilling to wear glasses because the glasses are too heavy. The front frame can choose cellulose acetate, metal or titanium. In addition to transparent, blue light filter, colored, polarized light and photochromic, there are many styles for you to choose.

However, if you turn Smart Eyewear over, you will see some obvious signs that they are not ordinary glasses. Each arm has four magnetic charging pins, you can use them to connect two magnetic charging cables. When charging, a small LED indicator will light up in red and go out when fully charged. There are also touch controls on both sides near the hinge.

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The settings of Smart Eyewear are not completely intuitive. It is recommended that you read the instructions before pairing with your phone. The reason is that each side of SmartEyewear operates independently of each other and is only connected through the pairing process. Therefore, when you open Smart Eyewear for the first time, you need to press two touch buttons at the same time to turn on the power of your arms (both sides will hear the “Power On” sound to indicate that this has happened).


After that, Smart Eyewear will enter pairing mode (it will say “Pairing” to let you know that you are doing this). From there, you can go to the Bluetooth settings of your phone and select “Smart Eyewear” to start.

After connecting, you will receive a second pairing request, which is a request to synchronize the two arms with each other. If you mistakenly think that power is only on one side and not the other (as I did initially), then you will only get audio from one side and Smart Eyewear may not work properly.

The specific operation process can be seen in our operation video on youtube, bio the link: Your perfect work-from-home companion–Corsca Smart glasses.

If you want to know more about glasses, you can read the previous blog. Why would you Choose “smart glasses”?

These aforementioned touch controls are the main method of controlling Smart Eyewear. You can double-click to play music or answer a call, and then long-press (about 3 seconds) to trigger the phone’s voice assistant. Long press for about eight seconds to completely turn off or turn on the power of Smart Eyewear.

More about smart eyewear

Unlike having bone conduction audio technology, Smart Eyewear uses directional speakers for “open listening.” The idea here is that the speakers can “point” sound waves at your ears so that you can listen to music or calls while still hearing the surrounding sounds. This is the same technology used in Bose frames and Amazon’s Echo frames.

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The audio quality on Smart Eyewear is pretty good. I can also use it to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. The call sounded very clear, and the outgoing audio also left a deep impression on me (I exchanged equipment with a friend so that I could hear the voice on the other end).

The real coveted part of audio quality is when I use audio in a noisy environment. In theory, it sounds like a good idea to be able to hear surrounding sounds.

As for battery life, it can last about a day in standby and can play continuously for about three to four hours.


The idea of “smart glasses” sounds scary. On the one hand, they can be very convenient. People no longer need to worry about the entanglement brought by wired earphones, the swelling caused by wireless earphones and the inability of losing a earphone. On the other hand, it may bring a whole new level of addiction to technology. We will also continue to focus on developing better works.

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