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Smart voice glasses

The perfect combination of a pair of glasses + a pair of headphones: Smart voice glasses GT01

GT01 smart voice glasses

The smart audio market has developed from earphones and smart speakers to the current true wireless earphones, smart speakers with screens, smart voice glasses, etc. The product forms are becoming more and more diversified, and the usage scenarios cover the viewing, listening and interactive aspects of our entertainment experience, and There is also a continuing upward trend. With the rise of smart audio glasses, the smart wearable market has also ushered in a new development opportunity, and adding smart audio functions to devices has become an unstoppable trend. At present, Crosca’s smart glasses have been gradually upgraded from the early first-generation products to the current third-generation brand-new smart audio glasses, with certain improvements in function, appearance and battery life.

Corsca’s newly launched smart voice glasses are equipped with detachable temples, and the frame can be replaced according to different styles. What’s more surprising is that it also comes with a charging box, so you don’t have to be afraid even if you go far. It allows you to listen to music and make calls without affecting other sounds around you. It is safer when you are driving, biking, running or walking on the road. Magnetic charging is more convenient.

Before launching new products, we found people with different identities in different industries to test new products. Below are the different experiences they brought to Corsca smart audio glasses. Let’s see it.

Foreign company OL Cici:

Due to the nature of work, I often go to other places for business trips, so I also get to know many travelers, often travel north and south with companions, and spend more time outdoors than ordinary people. She has a habit: I will listen to music no matter when I travel to a foreign country or go jogging in the park. Commonly used is a Beats plug-in earphone, but because the earphone isolates external sounds, it is easy to ignore external information. Corsca smart audio glasses GT01 solves this problem very well, and even brings unexpected experience.

It’s really the music that comes from wearing sunglasses. Corsca smart audio glasses have opened up an audio-visual experience that I have thought of before but never realized-the open-ear audio experience will not put music into your head like traditional headphones. You are isolated from the world, but integrate music into the environment to enhance your feeling of seeing the world. While watching the scenery and listening to music, you can also make calls, call siri, and prevent ultraviolet rays. The functions that usually require sunglasses, mobile phones, and Bluetooth headsets to complete, Corsca smart audio glasses are obviously more convenient and convenient.

Mountaineer: Justin

Justin is a mountaineering enthusiast. His usual hobby is to like mountaineering, and mountaineering must be accompanied by music. The first time I wore Corsca smart audio glasses GT01 to the outdoors was the Xiangshan mountain climbing trip on Saturday. Before departure, the polarized coated lens was specially changed to have UVA/UVB anti-radiation function. There are two colors in total, silver and blue. Because I don’t think the blue is very suitable for my usual clothes, I chose a slightly conservative silver lens.

The first 1/2 of the climb was just wearing sunglasses, no Bluetooth connection, no music playing, and chatting with friends while climbing, and I still had the mood to stop and take photos. In the latter half of the journey, I was severely overstretched and I didn’t have the strength to speak, so I connected Bluetooth, opened the APP, and listened to some of the best disco songs to cheer myself up. My volume is relatively loud, and my friend is a few meters away from me, but I can’t hear my music at all; I can hear the music very clearly, but if my friend speaks to me in a louder voice, I can also hear it.

I made an observation. On my way up the mountain, a student was holding a radio (yes, it’s retro, I was stunned) to listen to commentary news, and another girl used a mobile phone to play music, and there was no Corsca GT01. Visual + audio is suitable for the mountain climbing scene. Especially when the weather is clear, the sun is already very dazzling since 9 o’clock in the morning, and sunglasses are still a must. People who like outdoor sports should have a lot of experience. It is particularly important to streamline things on your body, especially in the later stages, even lighter things will feel a burden. So reducing sunglasses and headphones into one product is really a boon for outdoor enthusiasts.

After reading the GT01 evaluations by cici and Justin, I believe that everyone is more curious about GT01, so let me take you to take a look at the features and updates of GT01.

GT01 Smart Audio Glasses

GT01 smart audio glasses

Smart voice glasses GT01 Main control chip: Realtek 8763BFP

GT01 smart voice glasses are first launched with Realtek 8763BFP solution, which is a high-performance all-round TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset integrated solution that supports smart voice, binaural calls, and Bluetooth 5.0.

Charging method: non-contact magnetic charging

GT01 non-contact magnetic charging

GT01 smart voice glasses adopt non-contact wireless charging technology; equipped with Dynamic Speaker, support dual microphones, help headphones achieve fast and stable long-distance wireless connection, up to 60ms ultra-low delay, while improving the noise reduction effect of headphones; headphone box is built-in With a 910mAh battery, there are two 110mAh batteries in the temples, and the two can last up to 8 hours when used together.

Customizable glasses charging bin

GT01 charging bin

The charging case is in the shape of a glasses case and adopts NFC wireless fast charging technology. The Type-C charging interface is located on the back of the glasses case, with a charging indicator and multi-function buttons next to it. The input voltage of the charging compartment is 5v 1A, the battery capacity is 910mAh, and the charging time of the charging compartment is 4 hours, which can charge the glasses 5 times.

Glasses temple: TR-90

It adopts TR-90 high flexibility temples and a bendable hinge design. The curved arc is closer to the surface, and it is stable and comfortable to wear. The inside of the glasses is coated with a lot of glue, and the materials are tightly connected, which is effectively rainproof and waterproof.

18 glasses frames for you to choose

GT01 18 design frames

GT01 is voted for by Corscaa fans in 18 styles of frames, which combines cutting-edge fashion eyewear design and smart technology to provide you with a distinctive visual and wearing experience. In order to meet the needs of different people and different scenarios, there is always one that can make you belong. The 18 frames of GT01 smart voice glasses are similar to the glasses styles worn daily. The temples are detachable and the lenses can be replaced. There are 18 frame styles to choose from. They can also be matched with optical lenses, prescription lenses or sunglass lenses. It is easy to wear on any occasion.

Bluetooth connection

The Bluetooth pairing and connection with the mobile phone is easy to operate. Long press the touch button on the temples of the glasses and it will automatically connect with the mobile phone. After the connection is successful, there will be a built-in prompt sound. You can easily enter the Bluetooth settings of the mobile phone in one step to pair. Just click on an APP that usually listens to songs, and you can play music right away. Intelligent touch control, answer or end calls, play or pause music playback, and call voice assistants. Support IOS and Android system. It is worth mentioning that after the first pairing is completed, the pairing will be automatically recognized when the glasses and the mobile phone are close again later, and there is no need to re-pair again step by step.

Microphone and speaker

There are 4 miniature microphones used on the left and right temples to reduce noise. (Main microphone + vice microphone), combined with AI voice noise reduction technology, can reduce the interference of environmental noise on the call, aiming to guide the sound to your ears, and The sounds heard by people around you are minimized. With customized micro speakers, the sound field is more open, the sound is clear, and the sense of space is rich. The uniquely designed sound cavity design allows the sound to be directly transmitted to the wearer’s ears.

Infrared sensor inside the temple

GT01 Infrared sensor

After pairing, the smart infrared sensor detection of the glasses can also automatically detect whether you are wearing it, especially when you take off the glasses while listening to music, the smart voice glasses GT01 will automatically pause the music, as long as you resume wearing it within 3 minutes, the music You can continue to play.

Bionic silicone cushion on the temple tail

A bionic silicone pad is placed at the end of the temples to make the part that touches the head more skin-friendly, and it will not feel tired even if worn for a whole day.

Excellent sound quality

In the daily use of music, the sound effect brought by Corsca smart audio sunglasses is also satisfactory. The semi-open speaker and the 128mm ultra-thin large-amplitude speaker can improve the sound quality, tone color and range of the sound. Environment-like effect. At the same time, taking into account the privacy of the loudspeaker, the newly added inverse sound field acoustic system can effectively cancel the directional sound wave through the muffler hole, reduce the degree of sound leakage, and reduce the maximum sound leakage by 12dB. For a simple example, even if a phone call is made in a crowd , The people around you can’t hear the content of the conversation between you and others, so you can protect your privacy from a full range of technical means.

Excellent battery life makes use more durable

In actual use, the battery life problem that was the most worrying is also completely dispelled. First of all, when charging, the glasses case is the “charging station”, which can be quickly returned to blood during daily storage; and when in use, it is fully charged. It can continue to play music for nearly 5 hours or talk for 3.5 hours, which is enough for daily use in one or two days, so there is no need to worry about its strike in the middle.

Written at the end:

The wearing experience brought by Corsca smart glasses GT01 is still very satisfactory. It not only continues the maverick design concept of fashion brand in the appearance design, it is simple and not lose the sense of beauty. At the same time, it is also carefully presented in the intelligent assistance and integrated into the interaction. The leading technology in experience and stereo science makes traditional glasses have both smart audio and fashion trends, bringing a more convenient audio experience in life, and leading a new way of life-interactive fashion.

Of course, as the inventor and manufacturer of smart glasses, Crosca not only sells products, but also provides integrated solutions for smart glasses. At present, we have launched a total of 36 smart glasses in 4 series, 14 in the CR series, 2 in the KY series, 2 in the A series, and 18 in the GT01 series. The newly launched stylish smart audio glasses have powerful functions and stylish appearance at a competitive price.

A good supplier will save you money and avoid a lot of trouble. Quality is of great significance to eyewear wholesalers. In order to avoid customer complaints about product quality, you may need a very reliable supplier. Corsca is for you. We support OEM and ODM services.

At present, our products sell well in North American and Asian markets and have received good market feedback. For future smart audio glasses, there is still unlimited room for improvement. If you are interested in smart glasses products, you can plan and promote them in advance, which will surely win a huge market share. So that it can occupy an advantageous position in the future smart glasses competition.

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