CORSCA Unveils Its First Pair Of Sporty True Wireless Earphones

corsca tws earbuds
corsca tws earbuds

Achingly cool audio brand, CORSCA, has announced that it is releasing a brand-new pair of true-wireless sports earphones. 

 It is aimed at professional athletes and casual runners who need music to keep them going while they train. 

If there’s one thing that CORSCA is famed for, it’s the aesthetics of its products. The M20 Sport are designed to look as good as they sound. 

The earphones are housed in a small wireless charging case that uses materials, The charging case and earphones using Aluminum alloy.

Ergonomic Design feels great for long time using, not easy to fall off when sport.

The earphones come with the anodized aluminum ring that defines CORSCA’s true wireless earphone range. 

Merge the sporty with the sophisticated. Other design elements such as a ridged gripped detail on the earphones helps adjustments when fingers are either wet or sweaty. To avoid unnecessary stopping or distraction while running, the earphones can switch between tracks, take calls and activate Transparency Mode all with a simple tap or swipe of the finger.

The M20 Sport are certified to IPX5 which completely protects them from dust, sweat and water intrusion of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. so users can focus on their workout instead of keeping the earpieces in their ears. Bluetooth 5.0, ensure connectivity and sound reproduction with both iOS and Android devices.

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