CORSCA’s drop-shaped TWS earbuds TW70 leak in four colors

TW70 drop-shaped

CORSCA has been in the truly wireless (TWS) earbuds segment for a few years now. The wireless earphones was also one of Corsca’s better-received products in this segment, winning over as a product that can be easily recommended to most consumers and improving upon its predecessor in just the right ways. That makes us excited for what corsca has in store for the successor, the drop-shaped Corsca TWS earbuds TW70. We already have a fairly good idea of what the earbuds TW70 will look like thanks to early renders, and now we get to take a look at some more color options.

So far, the water droplet formation of Corsca earbuds TW70 is very popular with young people.
In the above picture, we can see the TW70 water drop model, a total of 4 colors, It is Macaron color. mint green, sakura pink , dark night, milk white. We saw the casing of the TW70 and two headphones.

The Super mini body design is light, convenient, and nothing-free. Start a music journey anytime, anywhere.
The size is only and the weight is 110g.

The design of TW70

The design of the water drop shape and the opening design of the 360-degree slide cover make people feel at a glance.
Headphone touch SIRI, Type-C charging port, headphone automatically paired when going out of the warehouse, and automatically charged when entering the warehouse; pure cobalt battery with protection board, true copper ring subwoofer.
High-definition binaural calls effectively filter out environmental noise. No matter where you are in a noisy environment, you can also whisper and talk, and listen to music without hindrance.

The in-ear stable strap allows you to use it with ease, whether you are exercising or walking.
The round and compact design of the headset eliminates the cumbersome design, and the appearance is simple, full, light and comfortable. In addition, there are 3 sets of large, medium and small size silicone ear caps, which can be worn for different ear socket sizes.

The speaker uses an 8mm moving coil unit, professional adjustment, high-definition decoded audio transmission, faster transmission speed, and lower delay loss, so you can achieve 0 latency whether you are listening to music, watching videos or games. Experience the visual enjoyment of 3D stereo surround anytime, anywhere。

300mAh charging case capacity, single earphone use time 3-4h.
The earphone box has a built-in lithium battery, which can charge the earphone 3-4 times when fully charged. It will automatically recharge after being inserted into the box for long-lasting battery life.

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