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Corsca openear smart audio glasses

openear smart audio glasses

Shenzhen Corsca Electronic Co., Ltd. (“Corsca”) is an integrated enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales, focusing on open audio products, such as openear smart audio glasses, wireless Bluetooth headsets. At present, the main application scenarios are outdoor sports headsets, Smart audio glasses, etc. Regarding the concept of openness, the reason why we believe so firmly in its future market is that what we admire is a new way of listening. It is not only healthy and safe, but also able to help users solve problems.

The open earphones that most people in the market know about are bone conduction technology, so many users mistakenly think that open earphones are bone conduction earphones. In fact, it is not. It refers to two different techniques: bone conduction and air conduction. Let us re-understand what is open audio.

what is open audio

open audio

Bone conduction is to achieve sound transmission by vibrating the skull, without passing through the external auditory canal and eardrum, directly transmitting the sound to the inner ear and the cochlear nerve through the vibration of the skull. The air conduction technology, based on ergonomics, physical acoustics and directivity design, directs sound to the ear. In fact, the technical principles are different. Although they all have similarities in common, for example: the design does not block the ears, so it will not bring squeezing and discomfort to the ears; the effect of dual listening, listening to music can also hear the sound of the surrounding environment, and always perceive the surrounding environment.

The open design of the smart audio glasses has an excellent experience. Just imagine that you can enjoy music normally while shopping in the mall, while driving, or while exercising, and you can always know where your surroundings are. What’s going on. For users, this is a new and unique listening experience.

open design smart audio glasses

With the homogeneity and fierce competition in the audio market, differentiated categories in the audio market appear to be more anticipated. Corsca launched openear smart audio glasses, divided into three series, high-end series CR, mid-range series GT, and the cost-effective series KY aims to be the most cost-effective, the purpose is to let more users understand the open design, and for a new way of listening Lay a better foundation.

The emergence of smart audio glasses completely subverted the tradition, and to our surprise, the product was quickly recognized by the market and end users soon after it went to market. It has become a new explosion in audio products, and Corsca is also continuously launching open audio products such as openear smart audio glasses and true wireless noise-cancelling headphones.


Corsca has always been adhering to the concept of health and safety, in pursuit of a better life, focusing on the research and development of scientific and technological innovation products, and is committed to becoming an advanced company that creates healthy listening for human beings. Here, we welcome more friends who love acoustics and audio to join Corsca. At the same time, we hope to be able to serve more overseas brands and e-commerce customers and build brands for overseas customers. At the same time, Corsca also supports OEM/ODM and other cooperation modes, welcome to visit and guide.

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