Facebook’s first smart glasses

Facebook smart glasses

Facebook’s first smart glasses Ray-Ban Stories released, equipped with dual cameras, supporting photo/video functions

Recently, Facebook launched its first smart glasses product jointly created by Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses are equipped with dual 500W pixel cameras, use touch operation, built-in speakers and microphones, and support taking photos and videos. , Listening to music, voice calls and other functions.

The appearance design of Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses is very close to the current sunglasses. The frames are available in three types: Round Round, Square Wayfarer and Meteor in between, to meet the needs of different groups of people and face shapes. need.

Ray-Ban Stories

The lens is also very rich, including 5 kinds of transparent, black, green, brown, and blue, and supports optical prescription lenses, which can also be used by myopic friends.

Compared with more smart audio glasses products currently on the market, the biggest difference of Ray-Ban Stories is that a 500W pixel camera is set on the left and right sides of the front of the frame, which supports video and camera functions, and can take more than 500 photos or 30 A 30m video. The shooting content can be viewed, edited and shared through the Facebook View application on the mobile phone.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to prevent sneak shots, a white LED light is also set next to the left and right cameras. When the recording is turned on, the light will automatically light up to remind the surrounding people.


Other aspects are similar to smart audio glasses. In terms of interaction, Ray-Ban Stories uses multiple methods of touch + function buttons + voice, supporting pause playback, sliding to increase and decrease the volume, one-click photo or video recording, and through the “Hey , Facebook” to wake up the voice assistant.

The Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses have built-in speaker units in the left and right temples, providing users with an open audio experience. The whole machine is also equipped with 3 microphones, which can better capture sounds in all directions for voice calls, video recording, and voice interaction functions.

Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses

Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses are equipped with a glasses case, which is also a charging case. It uses a USB Type-C charging interface and a built-in lithium battery, which can charge the glasses 3 times, improving the convenience of the product when going out.

At present, the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses have been put on the Ray-Ban official website in many regions, and the price is 299 US dollars (approximately RMB 1928). Compared with the more smart audio glasses currently on the market, Ray-Ban Stories has given it more functions through the addition of a camera, and it has also taken a step towards real AR smart glasses.

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