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Why did we develop Smart audio glasses?

First, bid farewell to hand-held phones and drive blindly. Second: The sound of the open directional audio glasses can obtain information about the surrounding environment at all times, making it safer to use. Wear it for a long time without burden, and the ears will not breed bacteria. Wearing traditional in-ear earphones for a long time affects hearing, causing damage to the eardrums and even ear inflammation. It is too tight to hear outside sounds, and it is very dangerous during driving or sports. Third: The combination of glasses and Bluetooth is a headset and even glasses. It is fashionable and has a strong sense of technology. It has a wide range of usage scenarios and is suitable for daily indoor, commuting, outdoor sports, self-driving travel, etc.

Do you accept customer customization?

Yes, Corsca supports one-stop customized OEM/ODM services for smart audio glasses. For example, printing logo, custom glasses front frame, custom packaging box, change the Bluetooth name, change the voice sample.

How effective is sound insulation?

The dual speakers and semi-open design allow you to immerse yourself in a vibrant and layered sound field and embrace impressive audio clarity. Direct the sound into your ears, while minimizing the sound that others can hear. You can also adjust the volume according to the noise level of your environment.

What is the material of the glasses lens?

Sunglasses: neon polarized lens
Anti-blue glasses: PC three-layer coating anti-blue lens

What is the material of the glasses temples?

Using Swiss imported EMS TR-90 material, TR90 is a thermoplastic material that is incredibly durable, flexible and lightweight. Therefore, glasses made of TR-90 material are very suitable for wearing all day without feeling tired.

Is the lens replaceable?

U/V-shaped 2.0 thick lens installation groove, customized for the installation of myopia/presbyopia lenses, and can also replace blue light/polarized sunglasses.

What is the sound quality of smart audio glasses?

Support CD level audio decoding, support 16bit, 24bit audio, sampling rate up to 48KHz, reduce the loss of sound quality, retain music details.

Are smart audio glasses waterproof?

Magnetic charging, dispensing sealing cover, ipx67 waterproof and sweat proof, even if you wash the lens, you don’t have to worry about water ingress.

Corsca Bluetooth audio glasses




Corsca CR series smart audio glasses total have 14 model. 7 model for polarized sunglasses style and 7 model for anti-blue glasses style, Meet the needs of daily collocation, whether it is traveling, hiking, fishing or office computer work.




Smart audio glasses structure drawing

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The newly launched smart audio glasses are equipped with detachable temples and the frames can be changed with different styles. What’s more surprising is that it is equipped with a charging compartment, so you don’t have to be afraid even if you travel far. which allows you listen to the music, make phone calls without blocking other sounds around you. It is safer when you are driving, cycling, running or walking on roads. Magnetic suction charging, more convenient.

Bluetooth audio sunglasses packaging



Smart Eyewear 1 set
Storage Box 1 pcs
USB Charging Cable1 pcs
Cleaning Cloth 1 pcs
User Manual 1 pcs