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Smart Audio Glasses

On November 27, 2020, Corsca’s Latest Smart Audio Glasses Has Been Launched.

As a production and R&D smart audio glasses factory in China, the launch of new products is particularly important.

Corsca released two new styles: C9B and C9S, sunglasses, and classic optical series. So far, Corsca smart audio glasses have three series and 25 series for consumers to choose.

Smart Eyewear C9

Corsca Open Ear smart glasses series, as a strategic product in the smart audio glasses field of Corsca layout, while ensuring the stylish appearance of the product, it adds a smart module to the traditional glasses form, tapping the legs and feet, you can listen to music, make calls, and voice assistants. Perform interactive functions.

Smart Audio Glasses

In appearance, Corsca C9 is different from traditional glasses and has a variety of fashion flavors.

As a leader in the field of fashion trends, culture, and technology, Corsca C9 is designed with the brand purpose of “continuously providing consumers with fresh experiences through visual innovation”

The style is bold, with bright colors and avant-garde elements, which is not only visually stunning but also highlights the personality of the wearer.

Corsca has created three series with a total of 25 products, covering sunglasses, classic optics, and metal optics.

Whether it’s traveling with cool sunglasses, or versatile classic colors, or even matching optical lenses to meet the needs of myopic and hyperopic people, it can easily cope with it.

Smart Glasses Stylish Design

In addition to the fashion attributes, Corsca is more determined on wearing comfort. If even the comfort cannot be guaranteed, it will not be able to meet the long-term wearing needs of users.

As a result, Corsca Open Ear smart glasses are designed with titanium alloy elastic hinges and curved temples. The temples are made of plastic titanium, which is lighter.

The center of gravity of the overall glasses is located in the middle of the ear and the bridge of the nose, effectively reducing the bridge of the nose or the unilateral ear. Say goodbye to the burden of weight.

And adjust the opening and closing range of the two temples to 12°, which can effectively reduce the holding feeling brought by the temples.

At the same time, the arc of the curved temples is increased to 20°, which brings better wrapping and fit, even if it is worn for a long time, there is no burden. With big data support of ergonomic design, more users can get a comfortable wearing experience.

C9B Smart Eyewear
C9S Smart Eyewear

Smart Glasses Have Outstanding Sense Of Technology

In terms of functions, Corsca is similar to a smart Bluetooth headset in use.

After pairing with a mobile phone, it can use the 128mm² large-diaphragm speakers hidden in the legs and feet to play stereo music, bringing a wider range of performance, whether it is listening to songs or brushing You can get an immersive sound experience if you play a drama or a game.

On the basis of enjoying music, Corsca has fully considered the privacy of information. Through the inverse sound field acoustic system, the directional sound cavity + sound leakage hole is used to reduce the leakage of sound, protect the user’s call privacy, and make the sound only “ring” you know.

Smart Glasses Interactive And Rich

In addition, Corsca Open Ear smart glasses can also call out the practical functions of the voice assistant at any time.

It also has 6 built-in sensors, which can determine the position of the glasses in real-time, realize the quick connection, and automatically pause/play music.

When using smart glasses for the first time, you can double-click the left and right temples to realize the functions such as pairing, playing music, calling out the voice assistant or answering the phone, etc.,

without the need for mobile phone operation, which is more convenient and intuitive.

Smart Glasses Outstanding Endurance

In terms of battery life, Corsca smart glasses can continuously play music for 6 hours/talk for 4 hours on a single charge, which can meet the daily normal and practical battery life needs of users. In terms of charging, the glasses use magnetic fast charging technology.

Connect the magnetic interface of the glasses temples to the power to start charging, and the glasses can be fully charged in 90 minutes.

Smart Audio Glasses

After the domestic release in November, Corsca hopes to bring smart glasses to the world and has a better attempt in the form of traditional glasses.

This stylish and smart collection has been updated to the current second-generation, and there are many styles to choose from.

With its product concept that emphasizes both fashion and technology, it will surely win the purchase of many new and fashionable people who like fashion.

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