Frequently Asked Questions Of TWS

Frequently Asked Questions Of TWS

We answer all the frequently asked questions about True Wireless Stereo and True Wireless/TWS Bluetooth headphones. If you need answers about anything else, you can contact with us.

How can I Charge TWS Earbuds?

You need to place your TWS earbuds into their carry case to charge them. It really is that simple! Each earbud has its own specially crafted dock, with connection points that will allow it to charge.

If your earbuds turn on when they are picked up from the carry case, a light on the earbuds will tell you when they are charged. Alternatively, if your earbuds turn on when the case is opened, a flashing light on the case will indicate when they are charged.

To charge your carry case, simply plug it into a power source via a USB. The correct cable will be provided in the box when you buy your earbuds. A small number of cases are able to charge when placed on a wireless charger.

Quick tips! Try not to overcharge your headphones; they should not usually need more than a two hour charge. You should also charge your headphones at least once every six months if you are not using them for a long time, and make sure the battery is fully charged before putting your earbuds into storage.

TWS earbuds are useful to own because they are truly versatile. With hi-fi audio and the latest sound isolation technology, you can wear them both in the gym and when taking crisp voice calls in the office.

When is the Best Time to wear TWS Earbuds?

TWS earbuds are useful to own because they are truly versatile. With hi-fi audio and the latest sound isolation technology, you can wear them both in the gym and when taking crisp voice calls in the office.

Recommended times to wear your earbuds include:

  • When working out. This can be inside, whether completing home fitness or at the gym, or outside while running and jogging. Remember that if you are road running, you should always be able to hear the traffic and people around you to prevent accidents.
  • Focusing at the office. Listening to music can help you focus and complete your work. This is especially necessary if you are working from home and struggling to concentrate. True Wireless earbuds have an ergonomic design, meaning they fit comfortably and unobtrusively in your ears for hours at a time.
  • Taking calls. Remember when Bluetooth headsets were the best new technology? True Wireless takes this concept and develops it into something wondrous. Take calls on the go or at work, even if your phone is hidden in a desk draw. Simply touch one of your earbuds to answer or put down a call.
  • Commuting. Though most people’s commutes at the moment involve walking from the bedroom to the study, it might not be too long until we have to get back on the subway or the bus. The first few days might feel amazing—background noise! Human contact!—but we are pretty sure you will want to get back to normality soon enough. TWS Bluetooth headphones help you to zone out in the morning as you listen to your favorite tunes.

In reality, there is no best time to wear your TWS earbuds. Why? The best time is any time you feel like it!

How do I Pair TWS Bluetooth Headphones with my Cell Phone?

  1. Make sure that your phone has the Bluetooth turned on. Your phone and earbuds should be within 3ft (1m) of each other.
  2. Turn your earbuds on and search for new devices in your phones Bluetooth settings. Pair with the correct earbuds (they should have the name of the device, e.g. “Corsca TW40″).
  3. You’re connected and ready to listen to music! Your phone will pair automatically the next time that you turn your earbuds on.
    Remember that each pair of headphones comes with a detailed, step-by-step instruction manual that will guide you through connecting your headphones.
    Want to connect to a different device? We have explained how to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Nintendo Switch, PS4, an LG TV and more!

5 Tips for Safety and Maintaining TWS Earbuds

There are a few things you should be aware of to make sure that you use your TWS Bluetooth headphones safely. Following these tips will also help extend the life of your headphones. They should be followed at all times—no exceptions!

1. Never Disassemble or Modify Your Headset for any Reason

You may see this warning if you check any device warranty: do not disassemble or modify your device, or your warranty will be void. This standard is partly in place because of the damage an inexperienced person can do to the complex inner wirings of the earbuds, and the potential danger they pose to themselves while doing so.

For instance, it is difficult to replace the battery in your wireless earbuds yourself. This intricate procedure can end up damaging the earbuds’ casing if done wrong. Damaging your audio device in this way would render it painful to wear and/or unusable.

2. Do Not Get Your Device Wet

Anyone who has owned electronics knows the damage that liquids can cause. You should never submerse your earbuds in water—wearing them in the shower is out of the question, as is keeping them in while you are swimming.

If your TWS headphones have an IPX rating (ideally IPX 7 or above) you can still wear them while you work out. They are protected from damage caused by sweat and light rain.

3.Do Not Expose Your Device to Extremes of Temperature

Humans do not like being too cold or too hot. TWS Bluetooth headphones are the same. No matter where you are from, you should make sure that your headphones are not exposed to temperatures below 37°F (3°C) or above 112°F (45°C). If you live in a country with a very cold or hot climate, you should make sure that your earbuds are not left outside or near a window for too long.

One key reason you should not expose electronic equipment to these temperatures is that they can cause damage to the battery, reducing the amount of time your device is active. It is estimated that a battery runs at around 60% of its strength at 32°F.

4. Do Not Place Your Device’s Light Close to Eyes

It is important that any lights on your TWS devices are not placed close to eyes. This is especially necessary in regard to the eyes of children or animals. Luckily, few (if any!) headphones have in-built powerful lights.

5. Do Not Use the Device During a Thunderstorm

As with all electronic devices, you should be careful to use your TWS devices if there is a thunder and lightening storm. They should also not be plugged into an outlet to charge during a storm, as they can be damaged if there is an electrical surge.

At Corsca, our new arrival range of True Wireless earbuds are a pride and joy. We have three key pairs: M20, TW11, and G03. Here is a quick rundown of our TWS Bluetooth Headphone selection:
These headphones make the most of incredible technology, like smart AI noise reduction and dual master earbuds. They are also an affordable option for people who are looking to replace their Apple Airpods.


TWS technology is here to stay. Knowing everything about it will help you make an informed decision about which True Wireless earbuds you want to buy, without defaulting to two-hundred-dollar devices. Affordable, high-quality TWS earbuds are out there. Now you have read this article you can use the advice to shop wisely!

Explore the full TaoTronics True Wireless earbud range today!

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