It may be the “most sporty” TWS headset–G08

It may be the "most sporty" TWS headset--G08

Evaluation: Corsca G08

With the phasing out of 3.5mm audio ports in smartphones, wireless headsets have become more and more popular in the past two years. Compared with neck-mounted wireless headsets, TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets are becoming more popular, except for audio manufacturers.

In addition to launching new TWS products, even mobile phone manufacturers Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei and other manufacturers have also launched new TWS headsets.

Wireless Bluetooth headsets have entered the craze of fighting in the “true wireless” field. This G08 true wireless headset from professional manufacturer Corsca, the biggest highlight is the main sports scene, suitable for enjoying wireless and free music during exercise, let’s experience it in detail below.

Compared with other brands, Corsca can be described as a veteran Bluetooth headset. It has a wealth of technological precipitation in the field of wireless and mobile communications. The stability and ease of use of Corsca headsets are the biggest impression before.

In terms of color matching, G08 offers two kinds of snow white and titanium black. The one I started with is titanium black, which is more suitable for young men’s sports scenes and fashionable rhythm.

Appearance design

In terms of appearance design, the G08 rechargeable battery box adopts an oval shape, the headset alone supports 4 hours of battery life, and the battery box can provide an additional 10 hours of battery life, which is equivalent to a single full charge of the whole machine, which can provide up to 14 hours of battery life. 1~3 days sports travel needs.

The earphone part is connected to the charging box through a magnetic suction design. When you need to charge daily, you only need to take off the earphone and place it in the charging box, and it will automatically be adsorbed.

The advantage of magnetic suction is that it not only provides convenient operation, but also increases the charging time of the earphone. Stability to avoid charging disconnection.

After the first Bluetooth pairing and binding, when you usually want to listen to music, you only need to remove the earbuds from the charging box, and the headset will automatically turn on and pair with the phone. The entire Bluetooth pairing and connection process is very fast.

Automatic pause is also a highlight of G08. During playback, if a headset is arbitrarily removed from the ear, G08 will automatically pause playback. It is very useful in actual use scenarios, such as when you meet a friend and need to talk, you don’t need to pay extra After the phone is operated, the playback can be paused by removing a headset. When the earphone is worn again, the G08 will automatically continue to play again, which is very smart.

ANC noise reduction processing

As one of Corsca’s strengths, G08 is equipped with microphone noise reduction technology. Each earphone cavity has 2 microphones on the side. The left and right dual earphones have a total of 4 microphones built in. It also supports noise reduction technology, especially for outdoor sports. At times, noisy roadsides, or even transportation, can have a good noise reduction effect, ensuring the purity of wireless call quality.

Bluetooth 5.0

In terms of Bluetooth stability, G08 uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology. In addition to more stable transmission performance guarantee, the advantages of low power consumption and long battery life are more obvious. This is also the Bluetooth 5.0 standard of the first echelon among the same type of TWS headsets currently on the market.


As a true wireless Bluetooth headset positioned for sports and wireless, the biggest impression left by Corsca G08 is: fashion, interactive intelligence, and rich usage scenarios.

In addition to meeting daily sports scenes, it can also be used for office, home and other scenes. Perfect control, and for noise reduction, battery life, stability, Corsca G08 has shown a solid technical foundation, especially for fruit fans, G08 is not inferior to Airpords in many aspects. In the wireless Bluetooth headset experience, try some innovative sports and smart designs. G08 is a wise choice.

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