Portable music:TWS Earbuds G09-G


The TWS earbuds G09-G adopts a rectangular design. The three Macarons have a deep color matching. There are three colors of Sakura pink, midnight green and dark night to choose from.

Bluetooth black technology: TWS Bluetooth earbuds, power bank Two in One.

The TWS Bluetooth headset G09-G has a large capacity of 6000 mAh, which is not a false standard. It can charge mobile phones, iPads and other devices while charging the headset. It also supports dual output charging interfaces, dual USB output interfaces, and dual port output up to 2.1A, provides two output interfaces, which can be used to charge mobile phones and tablets at the same time, and can also be shared with friends. It also supports Android and Type-C input charging interfaces to meet all your travel needs and bring it when you go out. enough.

The design of the magnetic levitation slide cover is permanently smooth, making it full of ritual feeling every time it is opened. Even if you open the cover, you only need to gently open the charging box, and it will flash back to connect, simple and stable, farewell cumbersome, in one step.

Cold light three true digital display, real-time knowledge of the remaining power in the charging compartment, and the charging progress of the headset

Headphone smart fingerprint touch, abandon the discomfort caused by the traditional buttons, get rid of the uncomfortable pressing feeling of the button-type wireless headset, and the sensitive touch can just touch.

The earphones have various usages and can be used separately

The headset can be used together or separately, which is equivalent to two independent Bluetooth headsets.

Binaural use
The headset is connected to a device at the same time, and enjoy the stereo sound of both ears.

One ear use
Can be used as two independent headphones, connected to two devices

Unique flashlight function gives you light when you need it.

The range can reach more than 50 meters, and it can be illuminated continuously for 24 hours with one press. Respond to various emergencies (night camping, home power failure, night lighting, outdoor emergency, etc.).

The waterproof and non-waterproof of the TWS Bluetooth earbuds is relative. Before a Bluetooth headset is not baptized with water, you do not know whether it can be waterproof. The Corsca portable Bluetooth headset G09-G is up to IPX7 waterproof, sports listening to songs, no fear of sweat splashing, and also waterproof splashing, which effectively prevents the erosion of sweat on the headphones and brings you a sweaty music experience.

to sum up

If you want to carry a TWS Bluetooth headset with you as an enjoyable thing, then the appearance is simple but stylish, and the TWS Bluetooth headset G09-G is a good choice. It has life waterproof function and stable signal strength, can calmly deal with the changing environment and weather in the wild.

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