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Smart audio glasses disassembly report

The popularity of TWS true wireless headsets has enabled rapid application of Bluetooth audio. In addition to many new applications in traditional fields such as mobile phones, earphones, and speakers, it also combines with other products to innovate and develop smart voice homes and smart voice wearables. Among the new product forms such as equipment, smart audio glasses is one of the applications that has received high attention.

Rapoo Z1 Style is a smart audio glasses product of the smart wearable Z series launched by Rapoo Technology. It adopts a half-frame design and TR90 polymer material to reduce the weight of the glasses and improve the toughness, impact and wear resistance of the frame; TAC lenses can absorb a large amount of ultraviolet rays in natural light, and can effectively prevent glare to reduce the damage of the eyes by silver screen blue light and strong light.

In terms of functional configuration, it supports Bluetooth 5.0. The speaker unit has been precisely tuned and has excellent sound quality. With an open stereo pronunciation method, it liberates both ears and brings a novel listening experience; and supports indoor and outdoor music modes. It meets the needs of different scenarios; it also has a built-in call microphone unit to provide a clear call effect; it adopts a magnetic charging method, which can support about 5 hours of battery life when fully charged. Let’s take a look at the detailed design and internal structure of this product~

Rapoo Z1 Style smart audio glasses unbox

Rapoo Z1 Style smart audio glasses

The packaging box uses a folding lid design, the solid color background does not directly print any information, and the product information is located on the lid label. The information on the front label has the RAPOO brand LOGO, product name: Z1style smart audio glasses, product appearance rendering and Bluetooth 5.0 logo.

Printed on the back of the label are the copyright statement, 1-year limited product hardware warranty, packaging content, product description, CE/FCC/ICC and other certification marks. Manufacturer: Shenzhen Rabo Technology Co., Ltd.

The contents of the Rapoo box include a foldable eye box, charger, glasses cleaning cloth and product manual. The glasses are located in the glasses box.

Rapoo box

The charger adopts a magnetic charging method similar to that of a smart watch, which is fixed by magnets on both sides and a metal charging contact in the middle.

The front of the eye box is embossed with the RAPOO brand LOGO, which is made of leather-like material and has a more textured feel. The eye box has a triangular structure, which reduces the volume and enhances portability. The glasses case also supports a folding function, which improves the portability of the glasses case when the headset is worn. Open the eye box, the inner glasses are also wrapped in a protective cover. The inner lint material of the eye box prevents the lens from being scratched. Take out the glasses, and there is a protective film on the lenses. There are plastic sleeves on the temples.

Rapoo eye box

Rapoo’s Z1 style sunglasses with speakers have a look at the front of them. They use a half-frame design to provide a more comfortable vision.
Rapoo’s Z1 style sunglasses with speakers are also equipped with an orange color scheme.

There is an integrated nose pad inside the lens, which is comfortable to wear. The appearance of the bottom of the glasses is close-up, which conforms to the ergonomic nose pads and improves the wearing comfort. The bottom of the nose pad is snapped to fix the lens. The connecting structure of the frame and the temples is a flat-shaped screw, and the color is consistent with the connecting structure.

The end of the cantilever is designed with CD texture to enhance the richness of details. The RAPOO brand LOGO is printed on the outside of the left temple, the pressure relief hole is open, and the inner dust screen is covered. The outer side of the temple bottom is covered by a dust-proof net to prevent foreign matter from entering. The outside design of the right temple is the same as that of the left temple. There are charging contacts on the inside, which are connected to the magnetic charger for charging.

The information printed on the temples has the product name Rapoo Eyewear Z1 Style, charging input power: 5V-100mA, made in China, etc. The glasses charging contacts, the left and right sides are magnets, and the middle two are charging contacts. There is a logo for the control button function below. Two function buttons, the left side is the power button, which is used to switch the power supply, Bluetooth pairing connection and indoor and outdoor mode switching. The play button on the right is used for music playback/pause and call answering/hanging up/rejecting, etc. The microphone opening is between the two buttons.


According to the actual measurement by Corsca, the overall weight of the glasses is 39g.

Rapoo eyewear

Corsca uses the ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT002 portable power tester to perform wired charging tests on Rapoo’s Z1style smart audio glasses. The input power is about 0.57W.

Z1 style

Disassembly of Rapoo’s Z1style smart audio glasses

Coming to the disassembly part, first remove the screws of the temples. The wire inside the left temple is connected to the right temple through the hinge. The right temple through the hole wire. Open the left temple. There are battery units and a dynamic speaker in the cavity, and the speaker has a sealed sound cavity.

The speaker is about the size of a dollar coin. The speaker diaphragm, the middle fiber increases the strength. On the front of the circuit wiring board, the wires are welded to connect the speaker, battery unit and the right main board, which is convenient for assembly and production. A close-up of the glasses battery unit, model: 330945, voltage: 3.7V, capacity: 0.407Wh/110mAh.

Z1 style smart audio glasses

The battery is equipped with a circuit board protection board, which uses Y1A Seiko protection IC and 8205 battery protection tube. Open the right temple, there is a main board and speaker unit in the cavity. Inside the temple cover, there are magnets on both sides to absorb the charger, and the metal contacts in the middle are connected to the main board.

Metal function button structure, micro switch patch welding. On the back of the motherboard, the left pad wire is connected to the right ear speaker, and the right pad wire is connected to the left ear speaker and the battery. The function buttons on the main board are used to pause the playback and answer the hang-up function.

Laser carving M029’s MEMS silicon microphone.

LP Microsource Semiconductor LP4063 800mA lithium battery charging IC, input withstand voltage 28V, overvoltage protection 7V, no external overvoltage protection IC, no current sampling resistor and anti-reverse diode, support battery reverse protection, adopt SOT23 package.

According to the dismantling of Corsca, TWS headset charging compartments of well-known brands such as Edifier, JLab, Xiaomi, Motorola, OPPO, QCY, Sheng Gao have adopted a large number of micro-source power solutions.

Silkscreen DA1 RAPPF 7000 IC.

Realtek RTL8763B master chip, built-in 16Mbit memory. RTL8763B is REALTEK’s first complete TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset integration solution, supporting Bluetooth 5.0, supporting HFP 1.7, HSP 1.2, A2DP 1.3, AVRDP 1.6, SPP 1.2, PDAP 1.0, and having a binaural call function. BGA package reduces PCB area.

It also has built-in lithium battery charging management, built-in battery protection devices such as over-voltage, over-current, and under-voltage protection. In terms of scalability, it supports three LED drivers, touch IC control, analog and digital microphone input, and supports dual microphones. In terms of noise reduction, it supports noise reduction function and ambient sound monitoring mode. It can be said to be a high-performance all-round TWS true wireless Bluetooth headset integrated solution.

Realtek RTL8763B

According to the dismantling of Corsca, Realtek’s TWS headset solution has been adopted in many products of brands such as Xiaomi, Anker, FIIL, and QCY.

Rapoo Z1 style smart audio glasses disassembled the portrait.

Rapoo Z1 style smart audio glasses

Corsca conclusion

Rapoo’s Z1 Style smart audio glasses are more fashionable in appearance design, using a semi-wrapped frame, a through-frame crossbeam and an integrated nose pad design, full of futuristic technology. The frame is made of TR90 polymer material, which reduces the weight of the glasses, improves the toughness, impact resistance and wear resistance of the frame; the lens is made of professional polarized TAC material, which can absorb a large amount of ultraviolet rays in natural light, and can effectively prevent glare, and reduce the blue and strong eyes Light damage improves the comfort of the eyes and provides a clearer vision.

In terms of internal structure configuration, except for a speaker unit configured in each of the left and right temples, the left temple is a battery unit, and the right temple is a main board unit, and the wires are connected together through the frame beam. The battery capacity is 110mAh, and it is equipped with a circuit protection board and a protection IC, providing 5 hours of battery life for the glasses audio. The main control chip on the motherboard is Realtek RTL8763B Bluetooth audio SOC, supports Bluetooth 5.0, and has built-in lithium battery charging management; Microsource Semiconductor LP4063 lithium battery charging IC, input withstand voltage 28V, overvoltage protection 7V, no need for external overvoltage protection IC.

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