Report On The Bluetooth Market 2020

The latest industry report on the Bluetooth market in 2020 is released, and the Bluetooth audio market will show a huge growth trend in the future.

On April 15, 2020, Beijing time, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) held an online press conference. Mr. Xia Bin (Chuck Sabin), Senior Strategic Planning Director of SIG, commented on the release of the “Bluetooth Market 2020 Interpretation of the latest industry report

The “Newest Industry Report on the Bluetooth Market in 2020” reveals the main trends and forecasts of Bluetooth technology and the market in the next five years. The report points out: Audio transmission is currently the largest solution area for Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth technology eliminates the annoyance of connecting wires, brings a revolution in the audio field, and completely changes the way people communicate through multimedia.

With the introduction of low-power audio (LE Audio), Bluetooth technology will once again change the way of experiencing audio and connect people to the world in an unprecedented way.

The report predicts that by 2024, the annual shipments of Bluetooth audio transmission equipment will reach 1.5 billion, an increase of 40% over 2019. The report also predicts that by 2024, true wireless headsets will account for 38% of wireless headsets shipped each year. In short, through the transformation of Bluetooth audio technology, the future Bluetooth audio market will show a huge growth trend.

To sum up

As Bluetooth technology gradually expands from a personal communication solution to an interconnection engine for commercial and industrial applications, the report released by the Bluetooth Technology Alliance at this time reveals the main trends of Bluetooth technology and the market in the next five years.
First of all, audio transmission is the largest area of Bluetooth solutions. With the explosive growth of TWS headsets, market demand for portable and smart speakers and headsets will increase. With the support of LE Audio audio technology, the hearing aid market, audio sharing market and commercial audio market will also open up new opportunities.

Secondly, Bluetooth has become the most widely used data transmission technology in the field of Internet of Things. Among today’s Internet of Things devices, 38% use Bluetooth technology, and markets such as smart speakers and smart wearable devices still have a lot of room for development.
In addition, location services are the fastest growing solution area for Bluetooth. With the development and popularization of LE Audio audio technology, location-based audio services will better serve people’s lives. For example, in public places such as airports, movie theaters, and theaters, Bluetooth technology can provide location, audio sharing, personal tagging and inventory. Tracking and other solutions.

The introduction of the new generation of Bluetooth audio technology standard LE Audio has accelerated the development of Bluetooth audio and entertainment solutions and further confirmed the significant influence of Bluetooth technology on the development of market trends. The timely release of the “2020 Bluetooth Market Latest Industry Report” undoubtedly gave the smart audio market a boost.

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