Smart Eyewear BT303-Outdoor sports assistant

Smart Eyewear BT303-Outdoor sports assistant

Outdoor travel and wearing headphones to listen to music during sports can sometimes cause certain safety hazards. But for example, marathons, long-distance cycling, long-distance sports, and it seems a bit boring without music. Is there a way to listen to music while listening clearly to the ambient sound? The answer is naturally there, he is today’s protagonist: Corsca Smart Eyewear BT303.The cross-border journey of sunglasses

The cross-border journey of sunglasses

The appearance of the smart Eyewear and the product name are printed on the front of the box.

The back of the box is some of the main specifications of the product.

On the side of the box are some of the main features of the product, boot pairing, high-definition call, fingerprint touch, and long battery life.

Open the inner packaging and you can see the glasses case that protects the Smart Eyewear. Open the glasses case to see the product body. In addition to the glasses case, there is a Micro-b charging cable, a manual, and a storage bag for protecting the glasses. In terms of accessories, if there is no charging cable for the show, I would probably not think that this is an electronic product. The design of the hard leather glasses case can also better protect smart audio sunglasses when not in use.

The temples are much thicker than ordinary sunglasses, because they are equipped with batteries and related processing chips.

If there are not too strong technological elements on the accessories, then the sense of technology of the glasses body is bursting. Whether it’s the cool shape or the thick temples, people know that these are by no means ordinary sunglasses.

Trial listening experience: unexpected listening experience

In fact, before the audition, the editor’s psychological expectations were very low. After all, smart glasses are earphones designed for some special environments. If you can hear the sound, everything will be fine. Sound quality? Sense of hearing? nonexistent! But really put it on, and then start playing music, wow! awesome! It looks okay too. Although the sound quality does have a certain gap with the traditional way of sounding earphones, I feel that in an environment that does not require excessive concentration on music like sports, I think its expressiveness is completely adequate.

Smart Eyewear BT303 are bone conduction speakers that can convert music into vibration signals. When we put on the earphones and place the speakers at a suitable position in front of the ears, the vibration of the music will be transmitted through the facial bones. This revolutionary binaural open experience allows us to listen to music while keeping the environment alert, safer, and does not need to be plugged into the ears, and is very comfortable to wear.

More ingeniously, through the well-designed acoustic structure, sound leakage can be effectively controlled and undesired sound leakage can be suppressed. Advanced digital signal processing greatly improves the audio quality of speakers and microphone effects in noisy environments.

To Sum up

We need to look at different products from different angles. For example, this sports sunglasses from Corsca, if you are a HIFI player, you will definitely not choose this type of product, but for people who like sports, this product has a unique charm.

The safer way of wearing makes it unnecessary to worry about audio products during cycling, mountain climbing, and running, and the IPX5 waterproof does not have to worry about equipment damage due to rain and sweat. From a different technical perspective, audio equipment will be more abundant.

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