Smart Eyewear is the lightest, stylish way to get music without headphones – and one that’s quite worth it.

Corsca Smart Eyewear

Smart glasses sound better than they look.

Does anyone need a pair of sunglasses that can play music? This is the question raised by the latest CR Smart Eyewear series launched by Corsca, a supplier of Chinese electronic technology solutions, and it has probably been answered.

The headline features of this wearable – less smart-glass and more audio-visuals. Users can listen to audio streamed from their smartphone and activate their device’s voice assistant. The glass is simply glass; no drop down notifications or video-viewing here.

Unbox the CR series Eyewear you will finds a protect case when you open the box, and the glasses are inside, also there have dust cloth inside. The glasses themselves are lightest, thinnest. However, the mechanism and precision components are on the temples, and the Qualcomm qcc3020 Bluetooth chip used in the CR series smart glasses is also hidden in the temples.

Smart Eyewear is the lightest, stylish way to get music without headphones - and one that’s quite worth it.

Smart glasses’s microphone also hidden inside the arm of the frames, letting you make handsfree phone calls just by wearing your glasses.

smart glasses use wireless technology to keep the legs of the glasses in sync, meaning the front frames are free of electronics. This enables our smart glasses to come in virtually any style.

While they come in other shapes and sizes, the glasses provided by Corsca make the average wearer look like a high-tech diva compared to standard sunglasses.

Corsca’s Eyewear collection, which is easy to use without downloading any apps, just pairs the glasses with the device via Bluetooth, makes the appeal of Smart Eyewear even more obvious once it’s done.

The glasses automatically detect when the user is wearing the glasses, so play some music on the app and put the glasses on, and the 128mm drive built into the arms will flash and start playing.

Sure, it’s pretty cool. In fact, when people wear Smart Eyewear, they love it. You can do everything else — work, do chores, go shopping — while freeing up your hands.

And sunglasses sound good. The medium tone works well and is especially useful when listening to a phone. While the bass sounds flattered and the treble more subtle than in-ear or in-ear headphones, they are surprisingly adept when it comes to sunglasses.

Smart eyewear function

The quality of the call was also clear and indistinguishable from that at the other end of the line. It’s also hard to hear what’s being played or being said when you’re not wearing glasses, ensuring a bit of privacy.

The series has improved battery life, with three hours on the phone and five hours listening to music, enough to have a decent conversation.

The core mechanism of the glasses is very good and practical, the user only needs to control all the commands with one click.

When listening to music, double-click pause/play music, and long-press three times to call for voice assistant. Of course, when a call comes in, you also double-click to answer/hang up the call.

Smart Eyewear is the lightest, stylish way to get music without headphones - and one that’s quite worth it.

In addition, the biggest highlight of this series of smart glasses is the waterproof function, because this series of smart glasses no longer need USB charging before, but a new magnetic charging interface, which can better guarantee the waterproof function of the product.

The series of smart glasses passed IPX6 tests, meaning they are splash proof, waterproof and dustproof, but also stating that these features “are not permanent and may deteriorate due to daily wear and tear.

Of course, we also need to reflect: How long will anyone be using these glasses? And continue to innovate and improve.


In fact, Eyewear II may be even more appealing if you wear corrective lenses every day because the range of smart glasses supports prescription lenses.

The smart glasses that could cause a real storm among consumers are those that focus on sight rather than hearing. It’s a natural and obvious step forward for Smart Eyewear, and Smart Eyewear is one of them.

Corsca is from the Chinese electronic intelligence solution provider, so the price can reach a very ideal, is a glimpse of the future, if you want to make your life better, no longer be bothered by the entanglement of wired headphones and the uncomfortable swelling of ears caused by wireless headphones, then you will be willing to pay this money.

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