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Frequently Asked Questions Of TWS

Frequently Asked Questions Of TWS

We answer all the frequently asked questions about True Wireless Stereo and True Wireless/TWS Bluetooth headphones. If you need answers about anything else, you can contact with us. How can I Charge TWS Earbuds? You need to place your TWS earbuds into their carry case to charge them. It really is that simple! Each earbud […]

Can’t afford AirPods? Corsca to launch TWS earbuds TWS-008 for less than $11

Can’t afford AirPods? Corsca to launch TWS earbuds TWS-008 for less than $11

Corsca TWS earbuds new launched TWS-008. Here are the pictures of the affordable wearable. It was inevitable, wasn’t it? After Apple launched AirPods, several low-cost wireless earbuds have swamped the market. TWS earbuds TWS-008, the surface is cut diamond style, giving you a modern and gorgeous feeling. This wearable device is “lightweight”, only 150g. And […]

Best wireless earbuds 2020: the best Bluetooth earbuds to buddy up with Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0


Corsca G03: The best wireless earbuds for audio, battery life and comfort Nowadays, wireless in-ear headphones and buds have largely left behind the nightmarish issues around connectivity and battery life that once plagued us, while phones have nearly all lost their headphone sockets. So that’s serendipitous. Now, enough of my yakking. Let’s boogie with the […]

Portable music:TWS Earbuds G09-G


The TWS earbuds G09-G adopts a rectangular design. The three Macarons have a deep color matching. There are three colors of Sakura pink, midnight green and dark night to choose from. Bluetooth black technology: TWS Bluetooth earbuds, power bank Two in One. The TWS Bluetooth headset G09-G has a large capacity of 6000 mAh, which […]

CORSCA’s drop-shaped TWS earbuds TW70 leak in four colors

TW70 drop-shaped CORSCA has been in the truly wireless (TWS) earbuds segment for a few years now. The wireless earphones was also one of Corsca’s better-received products in this segment, winning over as a product that can be easily recommended to most consumers and improving upon its predecessor in just the right ways. That makes […]

CORSCA Unveils Its First Pair Of Sporty True Wireless Earphones

corsca tws earbuds

Achingly cool audio brand, CORSCA, has announced that it is releasing a brand-new pair of true-wireless sports earphones.   It is aimed at professional athletes and casual runners who need music to keep them going while they train.  If there’s one thing that CORSCA is famed for, it’s the aesthetics of its products. The M20 Sport […]


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