The Best Smart Glasses 2020

It’s life after Glass for these face gadgets.

Smart Glasses are considered the next big breakthrough for wearable that will filter into our daily lives. Putting useful connected features in front of our eyes is a challenge that both startups and major tech players have stepped up try and make a reality.

The concept was thrust into the spotlight with Google Glass, and while Glass lives on in the workplace, it failed to break into the mainstream.

Life after Smart Glasses

It is not only Glasses or Sunglasses on your face, We are getting the ability to play music and answer the phone call, tune into audio without headphones and activate smart assistants, Free your hands completely.

If you are already interested in smart glasses and want to know more about it, but don’t know how to choose, here are some of the best-selling Corsca models, you can choose the style you like.

Corsca’s glasses and smart glasses use bone conduction technology, so you can use these instead of headphones, as well as a touch interface to control music and calls.

Corsca’s KX series smart glasses use Qualcomm Bluetooth chip qcc3020, which can achieve zero delay, battery life is 5 hours, and standby mode is 3 days.

Qcc3020 inside stable connection, low latency automatically on &connected once unplug the charger

When we saw the original prototype, we were very impressed with the music playback, CD level audio decoder, full support 16bit 24bit audio, 48hHz sampling rate, more detail in acoustic, less lost.

Made from carbon fibre and titanium and carrying an IPX6 water and splash-resistant rating, Frames uses mics and four directional speakers that let you talk to its smart assistant without others around you hearing responses.

The support will let wearers hear notifications read out, play music, take phone calls and even control smart home devices.

Corsca KX series–Clear Glasses


Corsca KX series–Sunglasses


Corsca KX series–Clear Glasses


Corsca KX series–Sunglasses



Smart glasses are beyond your imagination. They allow you to use only one control button to play music, answer calls, watch videos, and summon voice assistants. With smart glasses, you can communicate with others without wearing headphones or picking up your phone.

And there are a variety of styles for you to choose from. Our designers have designed glasses of various shapes to suit different face shapes.

The advent of smart glasses has improved your life and freed your hands. They give you the opportunity to easily control daily tasks. Now, if you have a smart glasses with one-button control, do you still want to wear headphones? For most of us, the answer is no.

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