The Latest True Wireless Earphone Design From Corsca

The Latest True Wireless Earphone Design From Corsca

We never quite appreciated how restrictive headphones were until we upgraded to a pair of the latest wireless headphones.

Not only do they mean you never run the risk of catching them on doors, tugging them out of your ears accidentally, or spending hours untangling the inevitably messy cords.

They also mean you can safely tuck your phone away, free up your hands and still enjoy hours and hours of uninterrupted music or podcasts.

The only thing is, when they first appeared on the market, they were pretty pricey.

However, now created more affordable options so that more of us can experience the unbridled joy of our favorite songs in our ears via fuss-free tech.

The latest True wireless earbuds TW40

Why we love it:
What’s not to love about 8 hours of battery life per charge?

Setup was really straightforward – simply search for the earphones in your phone and then hit connect. That’s it – that’s all you need to do!

Intelligent noise reduction HD calling

Using the latest CVC8.0 digital noise reduction technology, intelligently filtering the noise around you.

When you are in public places such as public transportation, airport, shopping malls, etc.,

The conversation between the two parties is still very clear.

We’re also big fans of any piece of tech that allows even an impatient novice to set it up with ease.

What’s included:
These savvy headphones feature instant connection once they are taken out from the charging case, which is also included in the price and can be used to store and charge your earbuds.

They are smart touch control design rather than button operated, are more sensitive and really simple to use.

You can also choose between a variety of ear tip sizes, from small, medium or large, so the headphones fit comfortably but won’t fall off when on the move.

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