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With the rapid development of TWS true wireless earphones in recent years, traditional wired earphones are no longer alone. Although TWS true wireless headsets are compact and more portable, problems such as connection stability, battery life, and easy loss still restrict users’ enthusiasm for TWS true wireless headsets. In addition, most TWS true wireless earphones on the market adopt semi-in-ear or in-ear design, which will lose users who do not like in-ear earphone products.

Corsca launched its smart audio glasses series in 2019. Once launched, it has received a very enthusiastic response, and will upgrade the third-generation smart audio glasses at the end of 2020. Bring smart glasses that can play music to further broaden the product line and user groups, so that users who are not used to in-ear headphones can also enjoy high-quality music. There are three series of Corsca Bluetooth audio sunglasses, namely the CR series targeting high-end fashion sunglasses and anti-blue light glasses. There are 14 models in total, 7 sunglasses and 7 anti-blue glasses. GT01 smart audio glasses for positioning sports products and A series smart audio glasses for multi-color lenses positioning fashion items.

Is the Corsca series Bluetooth audio glasses easy to use? How competitive is it? Today we will talk about the CR third-generation smart audio glasses that have just been upgraded.

Corsca CR series Bluetooth audio glasses

Smart audio glasses packaging

Bluetooth audio sunglasses packaging

The outer packaging and inner design of the Corsca CR series smart audio glasses reflect Corsca’s intentions for the CR series. The main theme is a white box with a black dust bag and dust cloth inside. It is easy for users to use the glasses. Put the glasses in the dust bag and put them in your pocket. In terms of accessories, in addition to glasses and glasses cases, Corsca is also equipped with a magnetic charging cable, manuals, and quick instructions guides.

Smart audio glasses appearance

In terms of appearance design, the Corsca CR series adopts a contour similar to that of traditional sunglasses. However, unlike traditional sunglasses, Corsca’s smart audio glasses have more “fullness” in the temples. The purpose is to add batteries, transmission chips, power amplifier boards, speakers and other electronic equipment to the glasses temples. The third-generation CR series smart audio glasses are based on the second-generation smart audio glasses. The temples are designed to be more slender. If you don’t look carefully, you can’t see the difference between the temples of the Bluetooth audio sunglasses and ordinary traditional glasses. Mainly become the smart glasses that users use every day.

Bluetooth Smart audio glasses frame

The front frame of the Corsca CR series smart audio glasses adopts the most suitable design for daily wear at present. There are 14 models to choose from. The temples are made of internationally recognized ultra-light EMS-TR90 material, which makes the glasses only 36g in weight, which is more suitable for daily wear. ; Corsca CR series smart audio glasses are designed with full frame. The light weight and excellent ergonomic design of the CR series smart audio glasses make the glasses will not cause pressure on the bridge of the nose even when they are worn for a long time.

Bluetooth Smart audio glasses lens

Corsca CR series smart audio glasses frames are available in black and anti-blue light. The black version can bring a calm temperament to the user. It is really fashion smart eyewear for cool. The anti-blue light version is very suitable for office workers and can effectively relieve eye fatigue. The Crosca CR series glasses sunglasses lens with full frame design uses professional TAC polarized lenses with anti-glare function. The anti-blue lens uses DuPont polycarbonate optical lens. If users need to replace prescription lenses, they can replace the lenses themselves.

Smart audio glasses technology

As bluetooth smart glasses, CR series smart audio glasses have a built-in full-range speaker at each of the left and right temples. Two 16mm full-range speaker units can be passed through, and the sound can be transmitted to both ears through 4 sound guide holes for users. Presents powerful stereo surround sound. Although the earphone adopts an open speaker design, the sound under the action of the sound guide hole directly reaches the user’s ear, and the surrounding users will not hear the sound of the earphone. Arguably the best wearable smart glasses in 2021.

In terms of glasses control, the CR series smart audio glasses adopt a touch control design, and users can touch the range of the temples to control. Including the power on and off of smart audio glasses, pause/play music, answer/hang up calls, and call voice assistants. In addition, the smart audio glasses have two built-in microphones, which can provide users with good call quality.

The LED indicator in the middle of the microphone can accurately reflect the real-time status of the smart audio glasses. The red light is on for 1 second to indicate power on/off, the red and blue lights flash alternately to indicate that the glasses are in the pairing state, the blue light flashes once for 2 seconds to indicate that it is connected, play/pause, answer/reject/hang up the call, and the headset red light is on Indicates that the glasses are being charged, and the red light is off to indicate that the charging is complete.

Bluetooth audio sunglasses magnetic charging

Bluetooth audio sunglasses magnetic charging

Corsca CR series smart audio glasses adopt a magnetic charging interface on the inner side of the temple on the right side. A magnetic charging cable is included in the package to facilitate charging of the smart audio glasses. Choosing to adopt a magnetic charging design can bring better sealing to the glasses and ensure the safety of users during use.

Internal components of Bluetooth smart audio glasses

In terms of battery life, the Corsca CR series smart audio glasses have a built-in 84mAh battery, which can provide up to 4 hours of battery life, which can easily satisfy users’ daily drama and commuting use. It is worth mentioning that the third-generation CR series smart audio glasses use Zijian technology battery (Huawei OV Xiaomi Walker and other tws headset battery suppliers) Seiko battery protection board, will never heat the battery or fail to charge. It supports fast charging and can be fully charged in only 13 minutes.

Under the trend of wireless and Bluetooth, the Corsca CR series smart audio glasses support Bluetooth 5.0 connection and playback, which can be easily adapted to portable devices such as smart phones and tablets, and bring higher stability, lower operating power consumption, and improve The battery life of the glasses. It should be noted that the Corsca CR series smart audio glasses not only support SBC-encoded audio, but are also compatible with higher-quality AAC encoding.

As a listening device, the Corsca CR series smart audio glasses do not support volume adjustment. The volume control depends on the adjustment of the playback device. In terms of sound quality, the low-frequency dive of smart glasses is strong and powerful, and the mid-to-high frequency is also delicate and soft. The fly in the ointment is that when the volume is too high, users within half a meter will be easier to hear the sound played by the headset, and the sound leakage will be resolved after the volume is turned down.


With the launch of the third generation of the Corsca CR series of Bluetooth smart audio sunglasses, the new design concept may revolutionize the form of wireless headsets. At present, as a professional manufacturer of Bluetooth smart audio glasses, we not only have product appearance model patents and utility model patent certificates, but our products have also passed RoHS and CE certificates. In addition to excellent performance, the price is also very competitive. It is very tempting for users who like to try new things. It is also very good to start with a try to transform into a sports hipster.

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