TW11 True wireless bluetooth stereo earbuds

Unique and only

Corsca has emersed into audio field for more than 20 years, spent more than 1000 days and nights to fine grinding, made a new real wireless stereo earbuds:Corsca TW11.

Different out appearance

My chin is different from others, so that the antenna and microphone hole designed for me are in the best position on your ear, which can guarantee the transmission of wireless signals without blockings.

I am the only survivor

Lots of ear shape deat collection, thousands of real people’s wearing test, the radian adjustment precise to 0.05mm, the persistence in pursuit of perfectness, I defeated 698 my brothers and sisters, and finally become what I am now.


With 6mm diameter speaker driver unit, in ear design providing better sealing and noise cancelling effect. Acoustic engineer spent about 2 years to adjust, provide much more delicate music.

Time tries all

Earbud itself is with built-in 45mAh mini battery, can provide 4 hour’s play time.

My base charging box is with 400mAh large capacity battery. If put earbuds into it when not use it, earbud’s playtime can reach 40hours, standby time can reach 80 hours.

Beauty of paranoia

Corsca are paranoid about perfection. In order to match my position and level, black technology LED cold light digital display is added into the charging compartment, which can provide a more intuitive prefabricated battery life. The body size is 10.3*7.2*4.4cm, and the weight is only 110G, which enhances the aesthetics and carrying experience of the base charging box.

Small but capable

To use more convenient, the paranoia gives me one key smart touch control. You can adjust the volume or switch the previous or next song easily.

Never afraid of water

From the product design we have consider the waterproof issue. First the structure with waterproof function, at the same time, PCB is proceeded with nano watersafe coat. Avoid water and rain coming, you can enjoyed sports and music freely.

Wait aloof and proud

With Corsca’s blood flowing in my body, my birth is desined to be not ordinary Though I am not 100% perfect, I bear the longly wait, stengthening and bettering myself just to show a much better myself t the world today.

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