What are audio glasses?

audio glasses

In this era when intelligence takes over our lives, there are more and more smart products such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and unmanned cars. In recent years, the concept of Bluetooth audio glasses has also become popular. What are Bluetooth audio glasses? This modern people’s question has given glasses, a long-standing optical technology product, a new life in the intelligent era.

Bluetooth audio glasses

Bluetooth audio glasses, as the name suggests, give the glasses the function of playing audio, so that the glasses not only enhance our visual experience but also bring the enjoyment of listening. Can such a conceptual product really be realized? From Smart Eyewear jointly launched by HUAWEI and GENTLE MONSTER to smart audio glasses launched by BOSE and Echo Frames smart glasses launched by Amazon, the combination of sunglasses and audio has been creatively realized, allowing people to truly experience what smart audio glasses are.

In the past, we used traditional nearsighted glasses and reading glasses to help some visually impaired users see things clearly, or used sunglasses to block sunlight. With the development of wearable technology, traditional glasses are now given more functions, such as AR glasses and VR glasses. Google had previously developed AR glasses, but because the technology was not mature enough, the project had to be abandoned. We still have a long way to go if we want to realize more mature AR glasses technology.

In 2020, Huawei and Bose took the first step in smart glasses. The two manufacturers brought new smart audio glasses products by combining glasses with smart speakers. Huawei’s Eyewear and Bose’s Frames are no different from ordinary glasses in form, but they are internally different from traditional glasses.

Different from the mixed reality VR glasses, the new smart audio glasses subversively integrate sunglasses and headsets. It makes the headphones disappear, into the sunglasses, and integrates listening to music into the outdoor scene of wearing sunglasses, creating a new trend of listening.

The technological innovation is that the left and right temples of the smart sunglasses are integrated with a miniature speaker and a miniature microphone, and the soundhole is around the temples, close to the ears, and the sound from here can be accurately received. There is no need to amplify the volume because it is very close to the ear and the volume is enough to be heard. This is smart audio glasses. Moreover, this sound is directional, and most of the sound coming out of it will only be transmitted to the ears, and the people next to it can hardly be heard. Even in a quiet office, colleagues one meter away can hardly notice.

The following will take you to understand the difference between Huawei Smart Eyewear and Bose Bluetooth audio sunglasses from the comparison of appearance, sound quality, charging method and Bluetooth chip and function.



The second-generation Eyewear launched by Huawei and GENTLE MONSTER has 13 styles in four series. In terms of appearance design, the first impression of Huawei X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II smart glasses is that they are generous and elegant. At first glance, the minimalist design style is no different from ordinary sunglasses, but after closer inspection, you can find many special places. For example, there is a clear difference between the flat mirror design on the front and the radian sunglasses seen in daily life. The neat and smooth mirror surface is like a glazed surface while bringing a high-level look similar to a full screen.

All this is because GENTLE MONSTER’s unique lens design technology FLATBA has been successfully applied to the sunglasses styles in Huawei’s X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II smart glasses, and the metal decorative nails added on both sides of the mirror make the front of the glasses less monotonous. It’s boring, and the front viewing effect is more brilliant. HUAWEI Eyewear II is priced at $388-$450.

GENTLE MONSTER on the inside of the temples

The plastic titanium material is used on the temples. The low density also means a lighter texture. At the same time, the GENTLE MONSTER logo is added to show the identity of the trendy brand. The most secret part of the smart device is also hidden in this pair. On the temples, although the temples seem thin and inconspicuous, they integrate all the devices of the smart device. It not only incorporates a 3D touch system, but also has a built-in semi-open speaker, sound vent and microphone on the upper side of the temples. It can be said that although the sparrow is small and complete, such high-value and cool sunglasses are indeed very suitable for daily outings, long-distance trips or driving vehicles.

The temples imply black technology

Pairing is easy to use and smarter. The speakers, sound holes and microphones hidden on the temples bring a very creative human-computer interaction experience to the Huawei X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II smart glasses. In terms of mobile phone connection, compared to traditional smart glasses devices, you need to put the glasses in the storage box and then pair them with the mobile phone. This Eyewear II smart glasses can be quickly paired with the mobile phone by pinching the left temple. (Not the first pairing), it is worth mentioning that after the first pairing, when the glasses and the mobile phone are close again, the pairing will be automatically recognized and the smart devices under the same Huawei account can be connected, without the need to re-pair again step by step. After pairing, smart wear detection can also automatically detect whether you are wearing, especially when you take off your glasses while listening to music, Huawei X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II smart glasses will automatically pause the music, as long as it resumes within 3 minutes Wear it, and the music can continue to play.

When you wear this pair of Huawei X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II smart glasses, the first feeling is indeed as light as ordinary sunglasses, and will not cause excessive burden due to its various added smart hardware, but as a self Glasses with sound effects do not have to produce obvious foreign body sensation in the ears like wearing headphones. This smart glasses can be considered very comprehensive in terms of wearing comfort.

The sound quality experience is excellent

In listening to music that is most frequently used in daily life, the sound effects brought by Huawei X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II smart glasses are also satisfactory. The semi-open speakers and 128mm² ultra-thin large-amplitude speakers can improve the sound quality, tone color and range. Come for an immersive effect. At the same time, taking into account the privacy of the loudspeaker, the newly added inverse sound field acoustic system can effectively cancel the directional sound wave through the muffler hole, reduce the degree of sound leakage, and reduce the maximum sound leakage by 12dB. For a simple example, even if a phone call is made in a crowd , The people around you can’t hear the content of the conversation between you and others, so you can protect your personal privacy from a full range of technical means.

Glasses case 2200mAh/3.85V charging compartment battery life makes the use more durable

Glasses case

Smart glasses use non-contact wireless charging technology; there are dual-microphone noise reduction on the right temple motherboard, and Huawei’s AI voice noise reduction technology can reduce the interference of environmental noise on calls; equipped with BES Hengxuan 2300 Bluetooth audio SoC, supporting dual-microphone helps the headset to achieve a fast and stable long-distance wireless connection while improving the noise reduction effect of the headset; the headset box has a built-in 2250mAh battery, and there are two 85mAh batteries in the temples. The official claims that the two can last up to 8 hours.

More powerful

Huawei Eyewear II glasses have a wearing perception function, support a variety of gesture operations, support double-tap to wake up the voice assistant, play/pause music and answer/hang up calls, slide to adjust the volume, the upgrade also brings search glasses and high-definition recording functions. Let the glasses and the mobile phone reach a better connection.

Equipped with BES Hengxuan 2300 Bluetooth audio chip SoC

BES2300 is a fully integrated adaptive active noise reduction solution that supports Bluetooth 5.0, LBRT low-frequency forwarding technology and dual-mode Bluetooth 4.2. It also supports the third generation of FWS full wireless stereo technology, dual microphones, etc., using 28nm HKMG CMOS process, BGA Package.

BES2300 supports noise reduction technology, especially high-performance adaptive active noise reduction technology, which allows high-end active noise reduction headphones to use a fully integrated chip to achieve high sound quality and active noise reduction. In addition, BES2300 also supports external heart rate sensors, acceleration sensors and other external sensor devices and eMMC flash memory, which can achieve the purpose of playing music on external storage devices. BES2300 can output sound to headphones and home audio, and can also record from an external microphone.

Bose smart audio sunglasses

Bose smart audio sunglasses

Bose smart audio glasses have entered the global market, priced from $199.95-$249.95. Of course, for users who pursue personalization, Bose has also prepared two interchangeable lenses in mirror silver (polarized) and gradient blue (non-polarized).

Bose’s powerful sound quality

Bose’s exclusive and open design takes the micro-acoustics, voice control and personal radio experience to a whole new level, allowing users to listen to music freely, make and receive calls, and access the voice assistant easily, while ensuring listening to a large extent The privacy of the content.

This kind of open but hidden listening method tests the sound quality. Smart audio glasses have a particularly outstanding mid-frequency performance in the sense of hearing, and the presentation and restoration of human voices is more delicate and durable. At the same time, it also continues Bose’s always fuller tuning orientation, so it has enough texture in low-frequency performance, and it is very infectious to play vocals or songs with a strong sense of rhythm. Coupled with its stylish appearance and unique way of sounding, it is like the sound from the music scene lingering in the ear, people can’t help but sway with the rhythm when wearing it.

Designed appearance

Designed appearance

The glasses case is made of artificial leather. The inside of the case is rayon velvet, which provides softer protection for the glasses and is equipped with a magnetic charging cable. The frontal appearance of glasses is generally the same as ordinary glasses. Looking down on the glasses, you can see that the front frame of the glasses is relatively normal, but the temples are thicker. The connection between the frame and the side bracket adopts a gold-plated hinge. The Bose convex body embossed logo on the outer side of the side bracket of the glasses. There are 3 micro speakers with openings facing down under the temples. The weight of the glasses is 44.5g.

Equipped with Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth audio chip SoC

CSR8675 is an advanced single-chip solution in Qualcomm’s CSR86xx Bluetooth audio SoC portfolio, designed to provide high-quality wireless audio performance and support the development of high-quality wireless audio products with high differences.

CSR8675 is part of the CSR86xx series, which is a series of silicon platforms for wireless audio applications. It integrates dual-mode Bluetooth radio, a low-power DSP, an application processor, a battery charger, memory, and various audio and Single-chip solution for the hardware interface.

CSR8675SoC also integrates a dedicated active noise cancellation block for earplugs and headphone applications, and a 120MHz Qualcomm Kalimba DSP, which allows support for 24-bit audio transmission. Bluetooth and aptXHD make it ideal for advanced audio products.

The appearance of Bose smart audio sunglasses is not much different from ordinary sunglasses, but the design is more fashionable and simple, the lens can be replaced, the hinge part is made of gold-plated material, and the overall style gives people a fashionable and high-end feeling. But after all, it has built-in components such as the motherboard and battery, which is heavier, and it is a bit ridiculous to continue wearing it.

Bose smart audio sunglasses features

Use touch operations to perform actions such as the next song, volume adjustment, etc., click to pause playback to make and receive calls, and long press to bring up voice assistants such as Siri. Bose smart audio glasses still have the problem of poor operating accuracy. The same sentence: touch operation can not make 100% of the command issued-for example, I want to increase the volume, the system recognizes the action, but the voice assistant is accidentally turned on.

The appearance comparison of Huawei smart glasses and Bose smart glasses:

Compared with Bose’s smart glasses, Huawei’s smart glasses are more like a trendy single product. You can hardly find that this is a glasses with smart functions by looking at the appearance.

Bose’s smart glasses are more conservative in design and look closer to traditional sunglasses. Bose does not provide a version of myopia glasses for users to choose. The temple design of Bose smart glasses is thicker than that of Huawei smart glasses.

Sound quality comparison between Huawei smart glasses and Bose smart glasses:

The temples of Bose smart glasses are thicker than Huawei smart glasses. This may be due to the larger sound unit of Bose. The speaker of Huawei smart glasses has only one small hole, so the sound quality of Bose must be better by comparison. . Moreover, Bose is still an established audio equipment manufacturer, so it will naturally be better than Huawei in sound adjustment. If you are the kind of user who pursues sound quality, then Bose’s smart glasses are of course better.

Charging comparison between Huawei smart glasses and Bose smart glasses:

The charging methods of these two glasses are different. When charging Huawei smart glasses, you need to put the glasses back into the glasses case to charge. This charging idea is similar to AirPods, while the Bose smart glasses require a special magnetic charging cable to charge.


It is conceivable that smart glasses will usher in greater value and outlets in the future. And the next smart glasses to break through is not limited to technology, but the understanding of product complementarity, how to make glasses play a greater value, and at the same time not divorce from people’s actual needs, this is not only a challenge faced by manufacturers but also A new opportunity. On this road, we may be able to rediscover its value and find a new direction in which glasses can do better. As mobile phone chips continue to rush forward and catch up with PCs, smart glasses have gradually found their own stage at the node of the 5G era.

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