What is experience to own Smart Glasses?

Everyday Needs Eyewear

Everyday Needs Eyewear

It has been a long time since the concept of smart wearable devices was invented to the present. At present, smart devices of various shapes have been fully integrated into our lives. For example, smart watches can monitor our physical conditions at all times, helping users to understand their bodies more deeply.

In addition to smart watches, smart glasses have also made great progress. In the beginning, smart glasses, like Google Glass or Hololens, had very sci-fi features, but at the same time they were very large and shaped like geeks. In addition, this type of product is expensive and cannot be perfectly integrated into our lives in form, so it has not been popularized for many years.

Products for the masses should be approachable and close to life. This is the case with smart watches and smart glasses. The smart glasses launched by Corsca since 2020 are such a product, which is simple and stylish, but also has the function of linking with mobile phones.

everyday needs eyewear

EYEWEAR New Release

On December 10th, Smart glasses manufacturer From China Corsca Smart Eyewear KY a new winter model 2020. Not only the style is upgraded, but the built-in functions are also upgraded. Let’s take the latest samples and show you what it is like to own a pair of smart glasses?

As a wearable device using glasses, the design is definitely the most important factor for consumers. After all, glasses have become an important part of personal dress collocation. Simple daily life is often easier to trigger consumers’ desire to buy than cool technology.

And this product is mainly cost-effective, and the goal is to create a smart glasses that anyone can afford. You can have a full-featured smart glasses that can listen to music, make calls, and voice assistants for around $30. I believe you must be looking forward to it too, right?

The appearance of Corsca’s new winter model is very in line with the aesthetics of today’s young people. Simple, everyday and practical are synonymous with it.

everyday needs eyewear

Smart Glasses Frame

In order to meet people’s needs for smart glasses. EYEWEAR uses U/V type 2.0 thick lens installation groove, which is specially customized for the installation of myopia/presbyopia lens. It is also suitable for anti-blue/polarized sunglasses. Very humane.

Smart Glasses Lenses

As a blue-light-proof smart glasses, the stylish black frame and simple design, the frame and the temples are integrated, which has a taste of the aesthetics of the mobile phone’s screen. The lens adopts three-layer coating anti-blue lens, high hardness and scratch resistance. No need to worry about optical performance.

Smart Glasses Temples

The left and right temples have moderate damping, which makes them more convenient to wear. In addition, there are some circuits for battery and earphone functions. Compared with conventional sunglasses, Eyewear’s left and right temples look slightly thicker, but the thinnest part is only 4mm. It can become people’s everyday needs eyewear without the feeling of burden.

In order to achieve the function of earphones, Eyewear designed very small speaker openings under the temples close to the ears. These are the only two microphone openings in the whole pair of glasses for call pickup and AI noise reduction.

everyday needs eyewear
everyday needs eyewear

Smart Glasses Function

In addition, Eyewear has also achieved IP67 waterproof and dustproof, and reliability is guaranteed. Magnetic charging, dispensing and sealing the cover, even if the glasses are rinsed in water, there is no need to worry about water ingress.

everyday needs eyewear

At the same time, Eyewear’s human-computer interaction experience is very good, just like using a wireless headset. It can be your perfect work partner. Answering calls, arranging meetings, and listening to music can all be achieved with a pair of smart glasses.

There are touch controls on the outer sides of the temples, and there are magnetic charging ports on the inner sides of the temples. Double-click the touch control on the outside of the temples to achieve some convenient operations, such as answering/hanging up calls, pausing playback, and waking up the voice assistant.

In particular, the voice assistant function that is worth talking about can easily check navigation, check the weather, send WeChat, selfies, etc. with the help of voice commands, which will further expand the applicable scenarios. Very humane.

In terms of battery life, Eyewear can last for more than 3 hours on a single charge, and this new product adds a fast charge function, which can charge 100% in 10 minutes. There is no pressure for daily use on the street. It is no problem to use it properly for a day.

everyday needs eyewear

It is worth mentioning that the new EYEWEAR adopts Goertek‘s silicon microphone, which has a unique algorithm that can isolate most of the environmental noise. The degree of sound reproduction is exactly the same as calling directly with a mobile phone. And even better, the imported TT Texas Instruments power amplifier chip has stronger sound resolution and can provide purer sound quality and more stereo sound. Can hear more details and a wide sound field.

Put on the earphones, can’t hear the sound from earphones in noisy environment? In order to solve this problem, EYEWEAR uses AAC acoustic speakers, IPX7 waterproof, minimum 450hz, rich and comfortable mid-bass, less sound leakage. You can easily hear the call on a noisy road or subway while wearing glasses.


Technology should be a product that benefits human life. If you abandon the original convenient and comfortable lifestyle in order to enjoy technology, the gain is not worth the loss. The same is true for smart glasses, which must first meet the comfortable and fashionable wearing needs of a pair of glasses, and then the convenient communication and interactive experience brought by intelligence.

The CORSCA EYEWEAR new glasses have a simple and daily appearance. In outdoor scenes, they can be used naturally to listen to music, answer calls and even start voice commands. It can be said that I am willing to accept, willing to wear actively and truly Performance smart glasses for life.

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