Why would you Choose “smart glasses”?

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Fashion and technology, Corsca’s new smart wearable device

The possibilities of smart glasses are almost limitless. All that is needed is to make further improvements to the technology and to carry out more software development to continuously improve them. As they become more mainstream, prices will drop and features will rise, eventually making them as popular as tablets.

Why are smart glasses better to use?

Compared with Bluetooth headsets, there will be no dull “ear-plugging feeling” at any time, cordially connected to the outside world, and no worry about loosening and losing from the ear like a wireless headset, and wearing for a long time will not have earache like earphones. Or fever, but also can protect your eyes by facing the screen for a long time or facing the dazzling sunlight outdoors.

Now people may often face business trips, and it would be great to use smart glasses to broadcast Google Maps guidance without leaving the road. Similarly, when driving, we all know that answering calls is very dangerous, even if you use Bluetooth headsets.

However, the emergence of smart glasses solves our problem, because smart glasses transmit sound through bone conduction technology. Semi-open auditory technology allows sound to be transmitted from the built-in high-definition noise reduction microphone in the temple of the glasses to your ears, around the glasses. Each temple has a built-in speaker, which is close to the ear. The unique sound cavity design guides the sound to form an ear beam. The surround-sound high-definition audio is directly transmitted to the wearer’s ears. People around you can’t hear it, but you can also hear it. There are all kinds of sounds around, so you can answer the phone and continue driving while still looking at the road, which is great.

smart glasses

When people hear about smarts, they tend to worry about their high prices, but now the new smart glasses launched by Corsca are priced at only $77, so we don’t have to be deterred by the price. And we did not reduce the quality of our products because of cost reduction.

Corsca KX series Smart glasses

Corsca KX series of smart glasses use Qualcomm qcc3020 chip, and use aptX audio decoding, CD-level audio decoding, support 16bit, 24bit audio, sampling rate up to 48kHz, can obtain higher-definition sound quality than AAC decoding. It integrates voice chat, listening to books and learning, answering phone calls, and sports music to bring you a brand-new intelligent experience.

There is another problem that often more people worry about, because we all know that the battery is very heavy, and if you wear a pair of glasses with a large battery, it is bound to be very heavy, which is definitely not conducive to daily wear, and the Corsca KX series The smart glasses are the lightest and thinnest smart glasses on the market.

They are designed for daily use. The glasses weigh only 23g. While ensuring the stylish design of the glasses, it also considers the practicability and comfort of the product. And there are enough batteries to last a whole day.

smart glasses

It is not only smart glasses. It has a one-button control function. It has a built-in capacitive sensing element and is sensitive. It will start your instructions as soon as you tap it. Double tap to start music/pause music, double tap to answer or hang up. Long press for 3 seconds to summon the Siri voice assistant. This is a cool concept, which can help improve work efficiency. People don’t have to pull out their phones to find information or other things.

Glasses lens

The Corsca KX series of smart glasses use exclusive DuPont polycarbonate optical lenses. Excellent optical performance and anti-blue light lenses effectively block harmful light sources, and restore visual colors to the greatest extent, and can achieve 100% UV protection. More importantly, the lenses are explosion-proof and resistant. , Passed the drop test and is intact.

smart glasses

Glasses frame

The Corsca KX series of smart glasses are made of Swiss imported EMSTR90 material, UV glossy, flexible and durable, memory plastic titanium, will not break under extreme violent operations, and will not produce sharp sections, and strive to bring us the ultimate protection .

The nose pads of the glasses adopt an integrated nose pad design, which fits the shape of the nose to reduce indentation. Even if you wear it all day, you will not feel uncomfortable.

smart glasses


The magnetic charging interface can fully guarantee the waterproof effect of IPX7 level, and the charging is more convenient. The charging starts with the sound of “ding”, which is full of technology.

smart glasses


Rain or shine, Corsca Smart glasses is designed to be your pair of everyday smart glasses. Sweat and water resistance means you don’t have to think twice about taking your pair of glasses wherever your day might take you.


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