Wireless Bluetooth speaker experience: TG117

Wireless Bluetooth speaker experience: TG117

TG117:Under the stylish appearance, there is a surging heart hidden.

TG117:Appearance born for sound quality and experience.

This TG117! The overall shape of the wireless Bluetooth speaker is close to a cylinder, with the appearance of multiple colors, it is fashionable and very technological.

From top to bottom, the radius of the bottom of the speaker is the same as the top of the speaker. For a more vivid example, this shape is very similar to the cooling tower in a nuclear power plant, with smoke coming from the top.

Cooling tower

This TG117! There are two main reasons why the wireless Bluetooth speaker is designed in this way. The first is this “cooling tower” shape, the chassis is more stable and the center of gravity is lower, and it is usually more stable on a flat surface.

the second is this arc-shaped design , It is more conducive to the up and down sound of the speaker, which can spread the sound fully.

The logo of the speaker is located in the middle of the front, and this part is made of plastic patch.

There are buttons and interfaces on the back of the speaker. It can be seen that the buttons and interfaces are all waterproof. Splashes of ordinary living water will not have any effect on its interior.

The bottom of the back is the Bluetooth switch and power button. After the waterproof baffle is removed, the AUX input interface and the Micro-USB charging interface are below.


It is worth mentioning that the TG117 wireless Bluetooth speaker, compared to other Bluetooth speakers with waterproof characteristics, the baffle here is better sealed, will not easily fall off, and there is no need to worry about liquid immersion.

The surface of the TG117 wireless Bluetooth speaker is wrapped in nylon woven fabric.

This nylon fabric material also has a very important attribute for products such as speakers, that is, better sound permeability.

Without adding additional speaker openings on the surface, the overall speaker becomes more individual and concise, and it can ensure that the sound penetrates the surface of the fuselage better, whether it is used indoors or outdoors, it is a good choice.

The speakers can also TWS true wireless stereo

This TG117 wireless Bluetooth speaker uses a left and right channel dual sounding speaker combined with a dual bass booster structure, supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Aux-in input, battery capacity of 1200mAh, the continuous playback time of 4-6 hours, and charging time of 1 hour, The weight is 405g.

In large indoor spaces and open spaces, using two TG117s to form TWS stereo bluetooth speakers, you can enjoy 2.0 stereo audio anytime and anywhere.

With two full-range speakers and two passive diaphragms on each side, the sound effect is no less than that The power of the active 2.0 speakers is poor.

Waterproof: IPX6, which can meet the waterproof requirements in most scenarios

The wireless bluetooth speaker can achieve IPX6 waterproof level. It is not a big problem to dance and dance outside on rainy days, and even occasionally soak in water is no problem.

Since the size and weight of a single speaker is only 405g, ordinary schoolbags can be put in relatively easily, so if you are a little bit high on the sound quality like me, it will feel better than other small Bluetooth speakers. You are disappointed.

I have introduced so much, do you really want to take it home? This speaker can be used for dancing, and you can enjoy music quietly by yourself, and you can also take it to swim!

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